Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World's Douchiest Principal

I remember hating my principals and vice principals when I was in middle school and high school. But as much as we hated them, we at least respected their authority. This apparently isn't the case at the high school where truTV's "Principal's Office" is filmed. I'm not even sure if this vice principal realizes how bad these two kids just clowned him.

Props to Iso for the find.

Download: Skillz "2009 Rap-Up"

Skillz has dropped his annual lyrical summary of the year in hip-hop. Nice refresher of all the craziness that went down in 2009, including the inauguration of our first black prez.

UserShare link

Let's get it in 2010.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aaliyah: "Miss You"

I hadn't seen this in a few years, and watching it took me back. This may be the one and only instance of a music video surpassing the song it features in raw emotion and overwhelming sentiment. The depth and breadth of star power who turn out (sports stars, hip-hop stars, R&B stars, movie stars, TV personalities, you name it) is, quite simply, amazing. DMX's opening words, and the mournful silence that almost swallows them, are powerful and commanding; the unspoken—and only briefly displayed—sadness of Timbaland is moving; and Missy Elliot's resolute-in-knowing-a-friend-is-in-a-better-place determination to celebrate her girl's life—instead of crying for her death—is heartwarming.

Rest in peace, Aaliyah.

XARM: Holy Shhhh...

I'm not the biggest boxing fan, and I care even less about the UFC and it's MMA brethren. But this...this is just fascinating.

Props to my boys at Daddy's Sugar Ball for the find.

Escaped Con Facebooks

I'm all for making cops look foolish, and Craig Lynch has turned it into an art form. Not only did he manage to escape from a prison, but he is now regularly updating his status on Facebook while on the lam. All to the chagrin of the police, who are still unable to catch him.

Craig Lynch, 28, escaped Hollesley Bay open prison near Suffolk, eastern England, back in September, but has continued to update his Facebook status regularly -- describing everything from his meals to who his next girlfriend will be.

"mmm i just had a 12lb venison steak. Roasted veg and chips, bangin meal. I feel stuffed but still got room for the j.d's . Hope you enjoyed the meal babe's. We'll have to eat here again" Lynch wrote on his wall.

In another posting from earlier this week Lynch wrote "Is thinkin, which lucky girl will be my first of 2010!!."

Bravo, sir. It's a thin line that lies between stupidity and daring, and you are toeing it beautifully.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jamie-Lynn and Turtle Split Up (like, for real this time...)

In "news" that likely surprises very few people, life has imitated art as Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara have ended their relationship. The two began dating soon after Jamie-Lynn began a series of guest appearances—as herself—on "Entourage," on which Ferrara plays the lovable weedhead flunky-turned-college student Turtle. As reported by People:
"They're busy with their careers, and she in particular has a couple of movies out in 2010, and others in the works for 2011, so it's just tough," a source who knows the couple tells PEOPLE.

"It's ironic, because in the recent season finale of Entourage, Jamie tells Turtle that she has to go to New Zealand to shoot a movie, and it causes problems, so it's ironic but that's what their lives are like."

Personally, I think Jamie-Lynn just glanced in the mirror one day and realized how insanely hot she is. Then she looked over at Turtle Jerry and did the math. Just a theory.

Call me, babygirl.

Baby Momma Fail

This story broke back in March, but I somehow missed it until last night when I read about it in Playboy Magazine's "The Year in Sex" review.
Whiteland, Indiana's Michelle Owen, involved in a custody dispute with an ex, asked police to search her computer for evidence he had downloaded child pornography. Cops found no porn but discovered two videos of Owen engaging in illicit sexual performances with her beagle. She's now facing bestiality charges for the activities, which are said to have involved peanut butter.

And, as if she needed to further prove her stupidity to us, there is the following excerpt from a Dallas-Fort Worth area news article on the story:
After she was arrested, police asked if she wanted to withdraw her consent of the search of her laptop. She answered no, because she still wanted to see if her boyfriend had done something wrong.

Once again, evidence that you should have to apply for a license before being permitted to have children.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tila Similac?

Tila Tequila announced today via Twitter that she is going to be a surrogate mom for her brother and his wife. [I honestly don't know which individual part of that sentence is more insane than the others.]
The news comes as an early Christmas gift to her family — she says she’s already with child.

“That is my xmas present to them,” she continued. “Im pregnant!!!!”

What a family. You would like to think her brother could have found a more...maternal woman to pull surrogate duties. I mean, he's actually met his sister before, right?

The full article can be found here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Do financial troubles and the holidays have you stressed out? Hopefully someone will love you enough to give you a Handjob this Christmas.

Leslie Chow Soundboard

Bored on this Monday morning? Kill some time with Mr. Chow from "The Hangover."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Not To Do With a Short Stack

Here's an interesting piece of strategy by Erick Lindgren on Full Tilt:

When you’re on the extreme short stack in a tournament, there isn’t always a “right” decision to make. You’ll find yourself in a lot of marginal spots, such as holding an A-9 off-suit in early position or maybe holding a small pair when someone in front of you has already raised. With those hands, it’s never clear whether the better move is to shove and cross your fingers or just fold and wait for a better spot.

There are, however, some very “wrong” decisions to make when you’re on the extreme short stack, and I saw one of them on display in a tournament I played on Full Tilt Poker a short time ago.

We were at the final table of a tournament with six players remaining, the blinds were 50K/100K with a 10K ante and I was the chip leader with more than 8,000,000 in chips. The average stack was about 3,000,000, and the player directly to my right was the shortest stack by far with 811,000.

When you have eight big blinds, which in this case wasn’t even enough chips for four revolutions around the table, the logic is simple: You only enter a pot voluntarily if you have cards that you’re willing to go all the way with pre-flop.

On this hand, the short stack entered the pot for a raise to 250,000 under the gun. The fact that he didn’t just move all in suggested he was being a little bit tricky. He could have had a monster, or he could have just been trying to make it look like he had a monster. A lot of players will make that play with a hand like J-10 suited, hoping other players might call but not re-raise, allowing them to see a flop. But it’s not a play I endorse. When you’re down to eight big blinds, you should be playing all-in-or-fold poker.

In any case, I picked up a strong hand, A-Q off-suit. I just went ahead and moved in my stack, figuring if someone behind me has a bigger hand, so be it, but I wanted to isolate and try to eliminate the short stack.

And this was when my opponent made an even worse play than raising small under the gun: He folded to my re-raise.

There was 1,270,000 in the pot and it would have cost him 561,000 to call. Folding was simply the wrong play. He should have called with any two cards. He had already committed too much money to the pot to fold his hand. If he was getting cute with a medium suited connector, then he was only about a 60-40 underdog. If he was playing a weak ace, then technically he wasn’t getting the right odds to call, but he would need to know for a fact that he’s dominated in order to correctly lay his hand down.

And it’s important to note that I was the big stack and I’d been very active. He didn’t necessarily have to give me credit for a premium hand.

By folding, my opponent left himself with only 561,000 in chips, less than six big blinds, and the big blind was going to be on him the next hand. He was going to be forced to take a stand, but he would be doing so for a lot less money than would have been the case on the previous hand. Instead of trying his luck against me for a pot of more than 1.8-million, a double-up on the next hand would only increase his stack to 1.2-million.

The lesson is simple: When you’re extremely short-stacked, raising and then folding pre-flop shouldn’t be an option. Either a hand is good enough to play for all of your chips, or you throw it into the muck. The worst thing you can do is attempt something in between those two extremes.

Video: 50 Cent "Do You Think About Me?" ft. Tahiry & Vivica Fox

I have to say 50 is just clowning in this video. I don't know how much he had to pay Vivica to appear like a psycho ex in this or if he's hittin Tahiry (Joe Budden's ex) on the regular, but I'm not mad at him.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daily Dunk: Jeremy Lin

You see that last name? Not only is this guy Asian and not only is he on HARVARD, but he shatted on UCONN on his way to 30 points. All my Asians stand up!!

Download: Kidz in the Hall "Professional Leisure Tour" EP

Flash download from LRG site

New BBC Hoody

I know it's cold as fuck where you're at so here's an expensive as fuck hoody to rock in the cold weather.


Just add mud

Whoever thought of this is ... well maybe not a genius, but very perverted: Brazilian women boxing on roller skates. Need I say more? Oowwee.

Monday, December 7, 2009

FSU's Zebrie Sanders: Frozen in time

This is ridiculous. This man actually did this in a big collegiate football game. WTF?

Big Time with the assist.

Download: Em1nem "R3fill" album

For all you smart asses, I didn't use the numeric letters because I'm 15, I did it to avoid getting sued by Eminem. Yeah, Snoop and Jay-Z already have pending lawsuits against us so I decided to switch it up this time.

Zshare download link

Tiger and his hoes

I can say for sure that the first picture is a false mistress of Tiger. The rest, I'm not so sure. Here's the list of the seven breezies that claimed they've had some Tiger dip, along with my personal summary of each:

Rachel Uchitel
- I believe that this is the broad that started the firestorm. IMO not worth the trouble that has unwinded for the greatest black golfer of all-time. Uchitel has also dated Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, but she's not a groupie or anything.

Jamiee Grubbs - Allegedly had a 31-month affair with Earl and that affair included a sex tape that has been destroyed, according to Grubbs' ex-man. Still, I expect more from you Tiger.

Jamie Jungers
- Las Vegas "model" who allegedly had a 2-year affair with Woods. Slightly better, IMO.

Kalika Moquin - Las Vegas marketing manager who denies the affair. Ehh. Again, not good enough for you Tiger.

Cori Rist - Just regular chick Tiger met at the club and she's avoided all the infamy with a private Myspace profile.

Mindy Lawton - Interestingly, the only picture I could find of Mindy was a mugshot. Now we're talking Tiger. On a sidenote, according to Lawton, Woods is quite the lover. He is "very well endowed" and "knows his way around the bedroom. On a scale of ten I would give him 12," she tells News of the World.

Holly Sampson - This 36-year-old pornstar has appeared in 85 racy titles such as Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife -- Wait -- PORNSTAR?

What's the over-under on the amount of chicks that say they slept with Tiger? 1000? I'm setting it at 500. How are these chicks gonna start proving that they were with him?

And an even better question that every celebrity man out there is afraid of -- Will random mistresses just start to come out and expose married men left and right? Yikes.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey Teal

Safe to say I'm getting tired of Nike bringing back authentic shoes with unauthentic colorways, but these are pretty sick seeing that they still incorporate the Mariners colors.

No release date yet.

via kixandthecity

Bulls Get Laced

And now, for something totally non-Tiger Woods-related:

If you're a Chicago Bulls fan, you probably don't want to watch this. Just how bad was the team's effort against the Toronto Raptors Saturday night? Raptor's PG Jarrett Jack had time to stop and tie his sneaks during live play.


SNL's Take on Tiger

Great work by Kenan Thompson and Saturday Night Live's writers in this skit.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Hypocrisy of the Tiger Saga

I guess it was only a matter of time before I felt “compelled” to offer my views on the whole Tiger story. Like others around the country, I’ve laughed and/or marveled at some of the more salacious and comical details that have come about for our consumption. But while discussing the thoughts voiced by Bill Simmons’ wife in Simmons' weekly column with TJ, I had a thought that seemingly few others have had—which is sad. The thought being this: I hate that Tiger is being so vilified for his “transgressions,” while Elin is seemingly being deemed innocent—or even worse, justified—for attacking him with a golf club.

First, is he right for cheating? This is really more of a philosophical question, but the standard "easy" answer is no. But is he human? He's a world-famous athlete, traveling the globe and making billions. Honestly, what I find surprising is that people are surprised at all that this happened. Women—especially the cheap-yet-undeniably-alluring variety that has him in this mess—throw themselves at him on a daily basis. I would wager a fair amount of my yearly income that some even do it in the presence of his wife. Slores will be slores. Personally I had hoped that it would be the type of high profile marriage where the wife just lets a few indiscretions slide, so long as the superstar hubby is honest, safe, and not making babies all around the world. And not disgracing her by letting stories of his bootycalls get played out in tabloids and Sportscenter segments. Not that a woman that understanding is common, just saying. And this brings into mind an interesting side point: had Elin not taken the actions that she did with that 3 iron, would we have ever found out about Tiger’s liaisons? Perhaps, but certainly not in the embarrassingly grandioso fashion that we now have.

Second, let's reverse this entire scenario: Let's say authorities get called to their house because Elin has wrecked their SUV into a hydrant and tree. And reports then roll in that Tiger is suspected to have chased her with his club and broken out the back window of the truck, causing the accident. The result? Tiger is instantly crucified the second this scene plays in the mass population's minds, especially given the racial makeup of the two participants. Now add the late-breaking revelation that all of it started because Elin was getting her plumbing worked on by other guys while Tiger was on the road. Would the media scrutiny of Tiger's actions suddenly stop? Would columnists and husbands around the country begin hailing him as a hero? Would wives of PGA players release statements about what a whore Elin is, and how badly they feel for Tiger to have to be married to her?

None of that would happen. And it's a shameful double standard that we hardly blink at in this cut-&-dry world in which we live. Poor little blonde woman gets cheated on by big meanie hubby. She’s a lauded heroine, he’s a despicable lout. She’s Tina, he’s Ike. If there really are any victims here, it’s Tiger and Elin’s children, which may sound somewhat cliché. But now they have to grow up with the world knowing that they have a crazy mother prone to violent overreactions, and a daddy who likes his occasional cocktail waitress (yet doesn’t have enough common sense to do his dirt cleverly). Thankfully, I think they’ll be able to afford some therapy sessions to erase all of the “damage”. Or they’ll just, you know, …get over it and move on.

If only the rest of us could do the same.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger's Voicemail

Here's the recently-released voicemail that a very guilty-sounding man named Tiger left for Jaimee Grubbs, an LA cocktail waitress.

I think the most disappointing thing about this is that Tiger didn't use a high-pitched Mack voice when talking to this slore.

The Chinese Cracked the Case

Granted, I don't speak or read either Mandarin or Cantonese, so I don't know just what is being said in this video. But the dramatization/animation of the Tiger Woods accident is just too good to pass up.

Good looks go to O.C. at 99.3 KISSFM in Harrisburg for the find.

Update: The video was produced by a Taiwanese news channel, not a Chinese one.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun with the neighborhood crackhead

As shown below, $20 can go a long way during the recession. Not sure I could withstand this punch for $20.

Dallas Kid with the assist.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twilight Broken Down

If you hate loathe "Twilight" and Stephenie Meyers (the over-hyped, plagiarizing hack behind the books) like I do, I guarantee you'll feel redeemed after reading this great piece from The Oatmeal.
First off, the author creates a main character which is an empty shell. Her appearance isn't described in detail; that way, any female can slip into it and easily fantasize about being this person. I read 400 pages of that book and barely had any idea of what the main character looked like; as far as I was concerned she was a giant Lego brick. Appearance aside, her personality is portrayed as insecure, fumbling, and awkward - a combination anyone who ever went through puberty can relate to. By creating this "empty shell," the character becomes less of a person and more of something a female reader can put on and wear.

This short piece (click here) is true to the very last detail, and—unlike "Twilight"—is a great read.

Celebration Fail

I give the goal 4 stars, and the high jump 5.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Miracle Win

Woodland (CA) Pioneer High trailed rival Woodland High 8-7, with only one last gasp left. Standing on their own 43 yard line and the clock showing "0:02", their only shot at making the playoffs was crossing a line 171 feet away.


(from Rivals.com; the article can be read here)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tail Report: Chilean Promo Girls

The folks at Coed Magazine have put together something just, just...there are no words for it. That is, none other than, "When's the next flight to Chile?"

A few teasers below, but they don't do the full gallery justice. This one's a MUST for the fellas (and for all my bi-curious ladies out there—you know who you are). Click here.

Jessica Alba: Spankalicious

Casey Affleck is a lucky, lucky man. He has the acting chops his brother Ben was expected to have (but never really produced, aside from "Chasing Amy" and "Good Will Hunting"). And those chops have landed him in what, for reasons found in the video below, may be the role of his life: acting opposite Jessica Alba in a new movie called "The Killer Inside Me", scheduled for release next year.

I always knew she liked it rough.

Daily Dunk: Dwyane Wade

I had no idea Wade was capable of something this vicious. Watch Varejao through the end of the play, and laugh along with me as his legs flip up like he's a fold-away bed that someone's putting away.

Birds are Evil

I—and most likely, all of my fellow car owners—have thought this for years. I’ve spent countless hundreds on car washes after their target practice sessions. But that’s nothing compared to what a pelican in Texas has cost this poor bastard.

(Well, “poor” may not exactly be an accurate term…)
The Lufkin, Texas, man told of driving his luxury, French-built Bugatti Veyron when the bird distracted him, said La Marque police Lt. Greg Gilchrist. The motorist dropped his cell phone, reached to pick it up and veered off the road and into the salt marsh. The car was half-submerged in the brine about 20 feet from the road when police arrived.

The full story can be read by clicking here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The No Fun League Strikes Again

What is it with the suits in the National Football League’s front offices and the perpetual bug up their collective ass? Any and every time a player tries to liven up the game with an innocuous celebration, the Puritans in Armani make a point of treating the act with roughly the same amount of disdain as Agent Smith felt for Neo and his band of renegades in The Matrix. For years now, these hypocritical honchos (they will endlessly focus on star players—quarterbacks in particular—when promoting an upcoming game; but they turn around and chastise those who celebrate on the field for making themselves “bigger than the game”) have repeatedly reminded fans that the NFL is no place for revelry or enjoyment. It’s a business; an open-air office where they own the monopoly when it comes to advertising and sales. The league’s outdated standpoints on conduct and entertainment have slowly strangled the last drops of extraneous joy out of the game itself (and yet we criticize the players for being “all about the money”; what, I ask you, is left other than money, when the powers-that-be are furiously opposed to you enjoying the sport you grew up loving, and are lucky enough to play for a living?).

Case in point:
Like the other 21.9 million viewers watching the Dallas Cowboys face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, you probably missed it. But the brand name known for spiced rum achieved the rare feat of sneaking an advertising fastball by the NFL – in the middle of a nationally televised game, no less. During the third quarter of Dallas’ 20-16 win, Eagles tight end Brent Celek(notes) caught an 11-yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb(notes), then appeared to purposefully back up and align himself in front of television cameras. Putting his hands on his hips, Celek raised his right leg, mimicking a pose similar to the pirate on Captain Morgan’s label.

As far as anyone knows, it’s the first time we’ve seen that type of guerilla-style advertising campaign in an NFL end zone. And if the league has its way, it will be the last, too. The “Captain Morgan” was effectively banned this week after the league learned of a wider campaign meant to get players to repeatedly strike the pose during NFL games.

[the full article can be read here]

At first glance, you might say, “This is different—this is a company trying to promote its product on the field and that’s why it’s wrong.” But take a moment to examine the facts more closely: The money rewarded for each Captain pose would not have gone to the individuals themselves, but rather to a charity. Not only that, but a charity dedicated to helping retired players with post-football hardships. This comes at a time when the NFL is under heavy scrutiny for the lingering medical problems endured by players—including conditions as serious as brain damage—after they move on in life. By shutting down the promotion, the league has actually made two blunders:

(1.) They have further cemented themselves as wanting a field full of corporate robots instead of emotionally engaged athletes.
(2.) The NFL has taken money away from a foundation whose purpose is to aid the very corporate robots that the league has drawn criticism for endangering.

And the excuse offered by Greg Aiello (“The issue is that players are specifically prohibited under our policies from wearing, displaying, promoting or otherwise conveying their support of a commercially identified product during a game while they’re on the field”) is laughable, to say the least. The NFL has turned itself into one large marketing campaign these days—I dare you to watch a game without seeing the brand names of at least 10 different companies strategically placed on and around the players themselves, not to mention the litany of television and radio commercials that come at you during league-mandated “TV timeouts” and other breaks in the action. Yet Aiello expects us to swallow the assertion that Captain Morgan has somehow threatened the purity of sport that is the modern professional football game?

Don’t get it twisted. The real reason that the NFL didn’t like the promotion is quite simple: they weren’t in line to benefit from it in any way. No money would have poured into their already-overflowing coffers, and no publicity would be focused on them, only their lowly minions the players.

And that, in the NFL’s eyes, is truly no fun.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

WSOP Main Event Final Table tomorrow - Go Ivey

Will he do it?

Since the poker boom, there has never been so much anticipation regarding one player and one final table. But as Phil Ivey looks to complete an incredible World Series, the poker community will eagerly watch to see if he will add the finishing touches to a magical WSOP run.

Although he enters the World Series of Poker main-event final table just seventh in chips, Ivey is the overwhelming favorite in the fans’ minds. A WSOP poll showed that 78 percent of fans expected him to come back and win. Some bookmakers only give two players better odds — chip leader Darvin Moon and Eric Buchman, who is second in chips — despite the fact that six people come into the final table with bigger stacks than him.

Of course, all of that may just be fans’ wishful thinking, but the fact remains that the pressure will be on Ivey. This is the first time he has ever made the WSOP main-event final table, and he knows how huge that is.

“So far, I’ve just made the final table, which is a pretty big accomplishment. Winning it would be the top of the line for me,” said Ivey. “I can taste it now … I’m right in the hunt.”

Although the pressure will be intense, it seems doubtful it will affect one of the most feared men in poker. He has played in some of the biggest cash games on the planet, and has publicly said that “there is no amount of money that makes me sweat.”

Coming into the 2009 WSOP, Ivey hadn’t won a bracelet since 2005. Now, that may not seem like that long of a cold stretch for the common man, but for Ivey it was an eternity. Since he won his first bracelet in 2000, never before had three World Series passed without Ivey taking home one of the events. Many people blamed Ivey’s lack of success on the emphasis he placed on the much more lucrative cash games.

But entering 2009, with a fervent buzz about the number of prop bets that Ivey had made on his ability to win a bracelet, all eyes were on the former New Jersey native to see if he could make good on his bets. The answer came fairly quickly, as Ivey won a $2,500 deuce-to-seven event in early June.

But before the “congratulations” even seemed to subside, Ivey did it again — winning an Omaha eight-or-better/seven card stud eight-or-better mixed event for his second bracelet of the summer.

via cardplayer

In a weird way...

...this chick turns me on. What a beast.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Up in the sky--It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's...an Idiot!"

Flying in a fighter plane is serious business. If you ever get the chance to do so, and the pilot gives you some instructions before takeoff, you should probably pay close attention to them.

You may think that goes without saying. But apparently one civilian in South Africa had to learn that the hard way.

It probably is best not to fiddle with switches or controls when riding in the back seat of an air force plane.

A man who failed to obey that principle found himself hurtling out of the cockpit, smashing through the Perspex canopy and into space after grabbing the black- and yellow-striped handle between his legs. He had inadvertently pulled the eject lever and found himself blasted 100 metres into the sky on his rocket-powered seat.

The South African air force has confirmed the incident that took place last Wednesday, when the passenger took off for a flight with an experienced pilot from South Africa's Silver Falcons air display team. Investigators are assuming that the passenger tried to steady himself while the pilot was putting the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II through its paces by grabbing the eject lever.

The full article can be read here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


If you're male and put on a costume last night, it was probably in hopes of meeting one the girls in COED Magazine's special gallery of sexy Halloween costumes. Here are a few examples:

If you want to check out the full gallery (and you know you do) click here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Download: Lil Wayne "No Ceilings" Mixtape

1 Swag Surfin' 04:14
2 Ice Cream Paint Job 03:30
3 D.O.A. 04:37
4 Interlude 01:23
5 Wasted 04:18
6 Watch My Shoes 04:44
7 Break Up (feat. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda) 03:53
8 Banned From TV 02:59
9 Throw It In The Bag 03:00
10 I Think I Love Her (feat. Tyga & Shanell) 04:00
11 Interlude 2 (feat. Shanell) 01:44
12 Wetter 04:20
13 I'm Good (feat. Lucci Lou) 02:31
14 Make Her Say (feat. Jae Millz) 02:21
15 Run This Town 02:49
16 I Gotta Feeling 03:36
17 Outro 01:38

Megaupload DL

Beanie Sigel goes in on Jigga

Wow. The early word in the streets is that this is the hardest diss track ever directed at Hov. You be the judge. Beans is no joke.

"this ain't a diss record.. this a real record.."

I got love for Jay but this definitely puts a crack in his legacy. This goes.

Usershare Download

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google Reinvents the Way You Search for Music

Google is always working to improve the way you use the internet, and now they've turned their attention towards online music searches. The new Google Music will provide you with free streams of songs, links to buy, and a lyrics database (though the people at MTV.com report that this particular cog of the machine could use some further tinkering).
Looking to apply their powerful search engine to the world of music, Google officially launched their new music discovery service. Not so much a new site as it is a new set of integrated options added to normal search results, Google Music connects people searching for artists, songs or lyrics with free streams of tracks care of MySpace's iLike and Lala and with links to purchase songs and albums from one of Google Music's partners.

"Music is a big part of our lives. In fact, two of our top 10 queries of all time are music related," explains the introductory video on Google Music's home page. "We think it's time to bring the power of our search to the music industry, so that you can not only find but also discover music."

Gotta love those folks at Google. Once the bugs are worked out, this should be a pretty helpful tool. How many times have you been looking for a song, but weren't sure that you were downloading/buying the correct version that you had heard? Personally, I'm anxious for the day when they come out with "Google Dating," where you can find out all of the things you really want to know about a girl (Is she crazy? Is she clean? Has she ever been in jail? Does she cook? Is she freaky? Is she too freaky to wife? Is she too freaky not to wife?) before you ever ask her out. But I'm a dreamer.

The full article can be found here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canadians Got Skills

Here's a video from students at l'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), supposedly all done in one take. I have to say, this is pretty intricate and well choreographed, and I would've been impressed if it had taken 100 takes. If they actually pulled it all off in one, then...damn.

There's quite a few hotties in the video, too. I was once told by someone going to college in Canada just how hot the girls were there, and now I'm a believer (sadly, about 10 years too late).

Poor Boy beaten by whole family...

Cleveland, OH (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Cuyahoga County courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him.. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible.

The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him.

After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him.

After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Washington Redskins, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Video: 50 Cent "Crime Wave"

Is the old 50 back??? God I hope so. Just as every fan of every established emcee hopes that their guy has returned to original form (i.e. Jay, Em, Snoop, Kanye, anyone really besides Outkast), I have these hopes for Curt Jack.

Also bonus for any Joell Ortiz fans (don't sleep on this dude, Aftermath signed him for a reason), here's his freestyle over the Crimewave beat: Download.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Being a D-bag: It's Not Just for Guys Anymore

It appears that despite a recent public awareness campaign regarding douchebags, very few have changed their ways. In fact, sadly it seems that their numbers may be growing. Seeing as how they all look like Gremlins to begin with, maybe getting them wet makes them multiply just like their cinematic brethren? And would that mean feeding them at midnight makes them turn into "douchebaguettes" (a great new addition to the lexicon by the folks at The Chive)?

I can't say for certain. But what I do know is that nightclubs and gyms won't be safe again until they are finally defeated. Until then, check out this photo gallery compiled by the folks at The Chive to help you know what you're up against. I've included a few of the examples below. Good luck out there, ladies and gents.