Thursday, October 30, 2008

Download: Royce Da 5'9" "The Album"

01. Promise Land (prod. by Nottz) 03:21
02. Heat To The Streets (feat. Kid Vishis) 02:35
(prod. by Green Lantern)
03. Give Up Your Guns (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. by DJ Which) 04:57
04. J Ro vs. Mike B (Skit) 00:55
05. We Deep (feat. Trick Trick) (prod. by Denaun Porter) 03:45
06. Rewind (prod. by Carlos Broady) 03:26
07. Gun Music (prod. by Green Lantern) 04:33
08. Bad Guy (prod. by Green Lantern) 03:01
09. Let's Talk (feat. & prod. by Black Milk) 04:55
10. We Everywhere (feat. Kid Vishis) (prod. by Pip) 03:24
11. Been Shotown (prod. by Green Lantern) 03:23
12. Angel (prod. by Carlos Broady) 03:59
13. On The Low (prod. by 9th Wonder 04:16

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Oh Yea...Philadelphia Won the World Series

Has there been a more unmemorable World Series in recent years than the one witnessed this past week and a half?

Okay, maybe no one remembers the White Sox/Houston World Series either, myself included (and I'm from Chicago!) but I mean, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay? Really?

Bad umpiring, bad weather and bad play don't really add up to much of an October classic thriller.

It would have at least been bearable to watch if the Rays had made a series out of it instead of an all too familiar collapse of a team that dominated during the regular season. (Yes I'm still bitter over my Cubbies)

A Rays win yesterday surely would have sparked the interest of uninterested fans around the country because after all were they not the team everyone not a Philly fan was rooting for?

The Rays, the over achieving, second to last in payroll, Tampa Bay Rays, could have made something of this series. Instead we're left with an MLB Word Series Champion that not many people will remember in a couple of years.

Having said all that, Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Busy P Air Force 1

Dropping in NY today at Nike Sportswear.

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Joe Budden showing off his wifey again

Joey's youtube channel has definitely been picking up steam since he started it about a month ago and this is another asstounding video of him hanging out with his chick in their crib.

DC Comics vs. Mortal Kombat

I'm about the furthest thing from a gamer, but this game looks pretty sick. Granted, I could be completely wrong since the last fighting game that I actually did play was Mortal Kombat on Sega Genesis in like 93 or 94. Since then I've played Madden about three times, played True Crime a few times and had my fun with Mario Kart. And that's it. All that aside, this game looks dope to me.


3 for the City pack by True

These dropped yesterday at

Daily Dunk: Chris Bosh

Please tell me I'm not the only one watching this highlight clip who said, "No, Theo! Don't - No, don't fall for the pump fa- Damn. Homie got Boshed."

Video of the day: "You Can Vote However You Like"

This is a tight rendition of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like," done by some school kids with different lyrics but they flipped it pretty nicely. CNN interview of the kids follows. Props to the kids who pulled off a great job with the live performance and voiced their opinions on CNN.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Air Jordan XI (Patent Leathers) - Celtics Championship Colorway

Ray Ray doing big things now that he got that rang on his fanger.

KK with the assist via kicksonfire

UNDFTD Fall 08

Undefeated Website

Download: Viva La Hova (Coldplay/Jay-Z Mixtape)

Thanks to a Trek download and a KK assist, I've gotten a chance to listen to this Mick Boogie mixtape of Jigga killing Cold Play production and it's so sincere. I highly recommend downloading this 20 track album if you are anywhere close to a fan of Jay.

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Here's the official Viva La Hova site.

Daily Dunk: Leon Powe

"The Show" has little mercy for former teammate Delonte West in the primetime debut of the 2008-09 NBA season.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grant Hill's making a comeback

Obviously none of us have rocked a pair of Filas in about ten years and personally I had no idea that the company even existed anymore, but they are bringing back their Grant Hill 2's, which will be known as the Fila Ninety6.

These will be on the market for $90.

KK with the assist via Kixandthecity

Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5'9" to make an album?

Following the drop of their song together for Budden's album, here's some footage of Joey, Ortiz and Royce discussing a project for the four emcees to put together and how they would be able to do it.

Hmm.. very interesting. Hopefully they would actually do some good songs and not just have 12 songs of pure spitting or that would be, as Trek stated, "rap overload."

With that said, R.I.P. to the Four Horsemen.

Sack Up

When I was growing up in Seattle, where it rains every single day between the months of October and April, we constantly played through wet and rainy conditions. Pitchers learned how to use the rain for their slurve balls and fast base runners perfected the splash-slide, where you slide directly into a puddle and splash the muddy water into the fielder or catcher's face.

So obviously I was disappointed to see that Major League Baseball aka Bud Selig suspended World Series game five after the top of the sixth inning. His prayers were answered when the Rays tied the game in the top of the sixth, thus enabling him to call the game off with a tied score.

But if they were going to suspend the game, then why did they ever start it? They knew it was going to be pouring down rain (every forecast in the world said that a rain storm was hitting the entire east coast), yet they played anyways. Basically the league screwed the Phillies over because now they can't use Hamels again and the entire world series is coming down to three-and-a-half innings of bullpen pitching.

Hi, I'm an idiot.

Hamels has lost his quest to become the first pitcher to ever win five games in a post season and the Rays have new life, although they're facing a Philadelphia bullpen that has been a killer in the playoffs.

I'm hoping the Rays take advantage of this situation but I have a feeling that the Phillies will close out whenever they resume this game. The forecast for tonight in Philly is more showers, so I doubt they'll try to start the game -- or maybe they will. Bud has always proved to baffle us baseball fans with his questionable decisions.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily Dunk: Trevor Ariza

Seattle, Oklahoma City ... whatever. Getting posterized is the same no matter what, as Trevor Ariza demonstrates to Jeff Green.

Air Max 09 Releases

KK assists via

Guitar Heroes

If anyone was wondering how much money Guitar Hero has been making over the past few years, here's your answer: A-Rod, Kobe, Michael Phelps and Tony Hawk are now endorsing the video game. This is a somewhat comical commercial featuring the four. Apparently Kobe refused to wear boxers but he does a decent job as the lead singer.

Air Force 1 Premium '07

Available now at caliroots.

KK with the assist via kicksonfire

Download: Joe Budden "Halfway House" - Mixtape

Due to his album "The Padded Room" being pushed back, Joey has released a mixtape on via his label Amalgam Digital, where you can buy the full version with some extra songs.

01. Intro
02. On My Grind
03. Overkill (Feat. Heartbreak)
04. Check Me Out
05. Sidetracked
06. Slaughterhouse (Feat. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I & Royce Da 5′9″)
07. Under The Sun
08. The Soul
09. Anything Goes
10. Go To Hell
11. Just To Be Different
12. Touch & Go

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Download: Kanye West "Robocop"

Here's another Kanye love song with him fuckin' with his voice and howling about a chick. We're three songs into his new album and it's already getting tired to me. I'm sure others feel differently.

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Nike Team of Heroes Commercial

I'm not sure why Nike has selected the Tel Aviv team as their "Team of Heroes," as they'd probably be playing in the NBA if they were really that special. The other problem that I have with this commercial is that there's not even any real basketball footage. I was expecting a ridiculous spin move or cross over, a nasty dunk or a half-court buzzer beater with some special fx added, but got nothing. I dig the concept though.

KK with the assist via Kanye's blog

Nike Zoom Lebron VI Wise

These were dropped in limited release this past Saturday in six different locations, with 25 pairs each. If you missed it, you can buy it now for $600 on ebay.

KK with the assist via kixandthecity

Wasssssup 08

This is a tight commercial sent my way by KK. It's the original "Wusssssup" Budweiser guys from a few years ago, giving us an update on their world and what's really up -- dodging bullets in Iraq, a shitty stock market, no help in natural disasters and unemployment problems.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Four Day Weekend

I'll see y'all on Monday, it's a four day weekend...

Download: Stat Quo "Time to get Paid"

The homie Stat with some more indy heat. His mixtape is dropping all over the nets tomorrow so check for the download (but don't check here, I'm a be in Mexico).

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World Series kicks off tonight

I say

take it in seven games.

Nike Terminator Brown Cement Pack

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Daily Dunk: Deron Washington

This is the third Daily Dunk for Deron Washington here at Crooked Straight. The first one showed him taking a one-handed alley oop so high he cleared the cat in front of him. The second showed him completing a 360-degree, between-the-legs jam during practice.

Needless to say, the boy can jump.

The Virginia Tech product was a decent player in college, and has enough athleticism that the Detroit Pistons took him in the second round of this year's draft. I'm sure plays like this one, against Boston College, helped convince them. His mom's reaction is priceless.

Download: Black Milk ft. Royce Da 5'9" "Losing Out"

This one is ... fire. About once a month I hear a song that gets me hype and this looks like the choice of October. Black Milk is becoming a beast in the game, and this beat is no exception at all.

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Air Force 1 / Dunk Hybrid "Dunkle"

Sneaker guy Chi McBride made these on his own. They're not bad but they leave me wondering "what's the point?"

Source: Hypebeast with the assist from the Dallas Kid

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Common and Serena go surfing

I had no idea that Common was dating Serena but I guess in this crazy world of celebrity hook ups it makes some kind of sense. I thought she was dating the jewish producer but looks like she has moved on. I think these pictures are the... well, take a look.

vial blacksportsonline

Daily Dunk: The Entire Michigan State Roster

I think the Spartans wanted their fans to be completely clear about who on the team can throw down and who can't. Seeing as how that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of wins and losses, you can't put too much stock in it. But it does make for some decent entertainment during midnight madness.

Jordan Six Rings Grade School Pale Blue

Luckily these are only dropping in kids and women's, so I don't have to cop them for the collection because they are pause worthy.

The Jordan Six Rings GS Pale Blue is set to release this Saturday, Oct. 25th only in kids and women sizes.

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Chris Paul charity bowling tournament

Here's some footage from the Chris Paul charity bowling tournament, which featured Paul, Lebron, D. Wade, Durant, and Rudy Gay along with professional bowlers that they were matched up with.

From the looks of this highlight reel and the quick minute that I caught it airing on ESPN, I think Lebron took the title down. What a surprise. Elite super athlete wins bowling tournament against elite super hoopers.

The best thing about bowling is that anyone can get a strike, say to themself "that was easy, I could do this for a living," and then somehow get stuck with a 127 score.

Download: Kanye West "Heartless"

I like this 10x more than his first single, even though I'm still fighting the fact that Kanye is dropping an RnB album. I guess I can't be mad at him. It ain't trickin' if you got it, or something like that. I can't imagine this song in the club but I'm sure it will bang when I do hear it.

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Props to BC for the assist

Here's Kanye's recent interview on Big Boy in the morning:

Kanye West visits Big Boy's Neighborhood from qdeezy on Vimeo.

Michael Phelps makes final table at Caesar's

There's been a lot of buzz on the internets about Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps and his love for poker. Well, it looks like he's got some skill to go along with his love for the game.

From American swimmer Michael Phelps, the world record holder for most medals won in a single Olympics, may be fish in the water but not at the poker tables. At event No. 2 of the Caesars Palace Classic, a $1,500 buy-in tournament, Phelps finished ninth out of more than 150 players for a payday of $5,000.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that make you say "Hmmm..."

...or better yet, "WTF?"

As much as I hate refs, I would hate this ref the most.

Obama After Gamer's Votes

Last week the Obama Campaign announced a move to start putting Obama ads within video games in an effort to encourage the hard to reach 18-34 male demographic to get out and vote.

Obama ads can already be seen in video games such as Burnout Paradise where virtual billboards appear along the racetracks and similar ads appear to be making their way into sports games such as the Madden and FIFA series. Electronic Arts released the following statement about the ads:

"Like most television, radio and print outlets, we accept advertising from credible political candidates. Like a political spot on the television networks, these ads do not reflect the political policies of EA or the opinions of the development team."

Seems to me, John McCain should wisen up and follow Obama's footsteps on this move. That is, if he actually knows what a video game is...

via GamePro

Daily Dunk: Trevor Ariza

Last night Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza pulled off an All-Star game move in the preseason. Not as dope as doing it in the conference finals, but still sweet.

Video Games: Fable II

One of the most anticipated Xbox 360 titles hits the shelves this week. Fable II, a sequel to both, Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters hits stores tomorrow in both a regular and limited edition. The limited edition includes 1 token for in-game content downloadable through Xbox Live as well as a 48 hour Live card and a bonus "Making of Fable II" dvd.

If you're a complete novice when it comes to Action RPG games, Fable II might be just the game to check out to get you into the ever growing genre.

Fable II is only the beginning of what's shaping up to be one of the strongest Fall release game lineups in recent years. Make sure to stay tuned here at the Crooked Straight for more game release dates, previews and reviews.

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