Friday, July 31, 2009

Download: Slaughterhouse "Slaughterhouse"

01. Sound Off (Produced By STREETRUNNER) 5:51
02. Lyrical Murderers Ft. Kay Young (Produced By TheRealFocus) 4:04
03. Microphone (Produced By The Alchemist) 4:42
04. Not Tonight (Produced By STREETRUNNER) 3:39
05. The One Ft. The New Royales (Produced By DJ Khalil) 3:37
06. In The Mind Of Madness (Skit) 1:23
07. Cuckoo (Produced By DJ Khalil) 4:30
08. The Phone Call (Skit) 0:58
09. Onslaught 2 Ft. Fatman Scoop (Produced By Emile) 4:27
10. The Phone Call 2 (Skit) 0:56
11. Salute Ft. Pharoahe Monch (Produced By STREETRUNNER) 4:31
12. Pray (It's A Shame) (Produced By RealSon) 3:53
13. Cut You Loose (Produced By Mr. Porter) 4:43
14. Rain Drops Ft. Novel (Produced By Filthy Rockwell) 5:00
15. Killaz Ft. Melanie Rutherford (Produced By Emile) 4:09

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My guys are going on "America's Best Dance Crew"

Back when I was in high school a bunch of my friends quit playing baseball so that they could stay in the school hallways after school and practice break dancing. I had played baseball with these guys my whole life and didn't understand what the hell they were doing. We needed them on the baseball field.

Now, 11 years later they have finally given in to appear on "America's Best Dance Crew." MTV has been trying to get them on the show since the first season but there have been a lot of contract disputes that appear to have worked themselves out.

So I want to congratulate Seattle's own Massive Monkees on their journey to become celebrities. I'm 90% sure that they'll win this competition easily since they are recognized as the top breakdancing crew in the world, but who knows, maybe not. But at least they're getting the shine that they deserve.

Here's their "audition" for the show:

Download: Eminem diss to Mariah Carey

When Corner Sleeper told me about this diss track last night I thought it was pretty wack of Em to diss a married R&B singer who is an international sex symbol.

But then I heard this and it's pretty funny. Em gets incredibly personal, describing the multiple flights Mariah took to see him, the dry humping episodes they had, and to top it off the premature ejaculation that he left on her stomach. Nick Cannon just went on everyone's "Cold" list.

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Corner Sleeper with the assist via 2dopeboyz.

Video of the Month: Shakira "She Wolf"

I was never really a big Shakira fan.

Until now.

bc with the dish

Police Frame-Up

We all know that cops all-too-often are assholes. This story out of Hollywood, FL backs up that time-tested principle. After an officer plowed into the back of a woman's car at a stoplight, three of his comrades converged on the scene to create a different version of events which pinned the whole accident on the female motorist who was hit.

Every civilian's worst nightmare, right? Well the beauty of this tale is that these Super Troopers hatched their whole elaborate—albeit, feeble minded—lie in front of one of their own dash cameras.

From NBC Miami:
"As far as I'm concerned. I'm going to put words in his mouth. She went to accelerate and a cat jumped out of the window at which point he thought it could have been a pedestrian, which distracted him," Pressley tells Sgt. Andrew Diaz, another veteran of the force. "I mean what's the chances of hitting a f---in drunk when a cat jumps out of the window?"

Still, the cops run with the half-baked idea and rush to get Torrensvilas to do a Breathalyzer test so they can officially say she was drunk.

"I nailed her on the video. I already hung her on video. She said she has been doing a beer party," Pressley says. "She's gonna blow."

Then, another cop debates with Pressley on who is going to write up the fabricated report to clear their police comrade.

"I know how I'm going to word this with the cat so we can get him off the hook. I'll write the narrative," Pressley says. "We're going to bend this a little bit."

Maybe if the victim had been black they would've sprinkled a little crack on her? Thankfully, the video evidence led to a quick dismissal of the charges against the motorist, and prosecutors are now investigating the police officers' conduct. The full article can be read here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kanye causes Kim and Reggie break up (allegedly)

If you haven't heard, the original and only first couple of Crooked Straight, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, broke up a few weeks ago (I think?).

Today Fox News (AKA faux news, worst news ever) stated that Kanye was the reason they broke up. Apparently Reggie peeped a text message from Ye on Kim's phone that said Ye had a great time with her, etc., etc., and also included some sex talk.

Maybe they made a video? Reggie, I hate to say this but it's quite possible that this was one long two-year joke on you. Believe me I'm taking my guy Reggie's side no matter what, but I do believe he made a questionable decision when wifing Kim up, who also co-starred in a decent and lengthy sex tape with R&B bad boy/reject Ray J.

Now I do have some experience with some of these characters. I believe I went to Ray J.'s 21st birthday party or possibly an early 20's bday party that his famous sister Brandy threw for him at her Calabasas mansion. The party was flooded with what appeared to be high school chicks and Nickelodeon wash-up stars. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but to me it's questionable that Kim ever made a sex tape with a guy like that. Yes, I do realize that Ray J. has since blown up after having his own reality show.

Reggie, on the other hand, starred at USC and plays in the NFL, so obviously has a wide spectrum of women to choose from. We're all glad to see you move on Mr. Bush. Now go run for 1000 yards, please. I'm tired of defending you to all the SC haters (also get Leinart off his ass).

As far as Kanye? Why would he do this? Well let's see, his latest girlfriend completely shitted on him in a public interview and he was due for an ego boost. There it is, p*nk ass r&b wannabe. Get back to rapping asap!

via jerseychaser.

Air Jordan Fusion 4 Premier Varsity Red and Varsity Royal

Dear Michael Jordan and Phil Knight,

Please save the greatest sneaker brand ever created and kill the fusions immediately. I believe that I speak for an entire generation of sneakerheads, perhaps the first and original generation of sneakerheads, when I beg you to stop all production of Jordan fusions.

I won't even try to front, I bit on the six rings at first, but quickly realized that I was throwing my money away on wanna-be patent leathers. Especially when you came out with uglier and uglier colors.

I do realize that a lot of the high school and junior high kids are consuming these authentic looking fakes, but you are truly misguiding them from what once made your brand the greatest.

From a business standpoint, you are giving many other shoe opportunities to move in on your market. Congratulations.


The Straight Guy

These are out now. via kixandthecity

Free Jamba Juice

This is for all my Seattle heads who are suffering through that 100 degree weather. My beautiful mother alerted me that yesterday's 103 degree temperature was the highest ever recorded in Seattle. I was half-asleep so I don't know if it was the record for the day or overall. I don't ever remember it getting over 100 in the town.

Anyways, here's a coupon to get a free Jamba Juice with a purchase.

And here's the original link.

D. Wade Jordan "W3lcom3 Hom3" shirt

If you didn't hear the sneaker news about D. Wade... and you probably didn't because I didn't post it... he dropped Converse and signed with the Jordan brand. This is nothing significant in a business sense because Nike is the parent of both companies. However, for us Wade fans that double as sneaker heads, this is great news. What will Wade wear? Retros? His heat colors match the Bulls colors perfectly so it's be great to see him wearing all the old J's.

Anyways here's Wade, rocking his first Jordan brand personalized piece.

Download: Snoop Dogg ft. The TC's "Shut U Down"

Brand new west coast gangster shiznit off Snoop Diggy Dogg's upcoming Bacc 2 Tha Chuuch v.1 (quite easy to tell that Snoop remains gangsta by his shitty spelling and abbreviating). To be quite honest this track is decent but nothing great, although Snoop's verse is cool and he reminds us that he's still banging crip cuh!

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Seth Vs. Vinnie and the Boys

If you're a fellow "Entourage" fan, then you saw the discussion between Turtle, E, Drama, and Vinnie about "Knocked Up" and Seth Rogen's attractiveness. It seemed like a rather innocent back-&-forth, and if anything a rather common discussion that I could easily see my friends and I—who are all of the same age range as the boys on Entourage—engaging in on a random day. Seth Rogen, however, wasn't laughing.
In "Knocked Up," Seth Rogen plays a nerdy, not-so-attractive guy who ends up with the hot girl (in this case, Katherine Heigl). But does that happen in real life?

No, according to the guys of HBO's "Entourage" -- and especially not in the case of Seth Rogen. Turtle (Jerry Ferarra) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) dismissed Rogen and Heigl's fictional relationship, insisting that real life is not that generous to less attractive people. ...The argument wasn't exactly mind-blowing, but the script did manage to get under Seth Rogen's skin with some digs about his looks
It turns out, in fact, that there has been a large feud brewing between Rogen and Entourage for years. And while Rogen claims that Mark Wahlberg started it with disparaging comments about he and the Apatow clan, it appears that the actual cause may be some sour grapes on Seth's part.
At first, we assumed Rogen was overreacting, but we did our research and found out that Rogen and "Knocked Up" co-star Jason Segel pitched an idea for a show to HBO, an idea they believe was similar to "Entourage." The network passed on it but then soon after gave Mark Wahlberg's "Entourage" the green light.

Rogen's show idea was loosely based on his own group of friends. "We'd just play video games for months on end," he said. "But we all really wanted to work and make movies."

"I just remember feeling really bitter," Rogen once told E! Online. "We thought the stuff we were writing was funny ... and it just seemed crazy that no one else liked it. You start to question your own sanity. Like, 'Our HBO pilot isn't funny, but 'Entourage' is?'"
Sounds as though Rogen's come down with a serious case of "hateritis."

The full Yahoo News article can be found here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stand and Deliver: Dave Chappelle

I watched this stand-up special years ago (it's originally from 1997), but I caught some of it again a few days ago and remembered just how good it is. Here's a ten minute break you're sure to enjoy on hump day.

New Poker Show.. Hmmm...

My former employer G4 is releasing a new show called 2M2MM (two months two million) about four high stakes online poker players that are attempting to collectively make two million dollars in two months.

Will this be good viewing? I have no idea. I'm sure we'd all rather watch Phil Ivey shoot craps for two million dollars or see Doyle Bruson and Daniel Negreanu tee off from the ladies' tees for two million, but for now we'll have to settle for some online unknowns (to the common man) going for it on their computers.

Premieres Sunday, August 16 at 9pm on G4.

Air Jordan Retro XII "Flu Game"

I'm sure all of us remember the infamous 97 Finals game when Jordan had the flu and still smashed the Jazz.

Well, the Jordan brand is releasing these kicks to commemorate that game. Coming out November.

via marquee sole

Marbury Crying

This is old news but I hadn't seen the actual footage until today. Former NBA superstar and current unsigned free agent point guard Stephon Marbury spent the entire weekend streaming footage of himself onto the interwebz.

During that great weekend he broke down into tears while listening to gospel music. For no reason. This is one weird ass dude. In my humble opinion he should be glad the Celts even signed him last season. What would be ill is if Steph joined the NBDL and put up like 35 and 15 in the minors.

Here's that footage:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach Slore Fun

I don't know about you, but I can use all the distractions I can get these days. And if there's one thing half-naked, boozed-up hoochies are good for, it's distracting you from...pretty much everything else going on around you.

Click here for the full picture gallery.

Monday, July 27, 2009

He's Back!!!

I have to admit that four years ago when I turned on ESPN late on a Sunday night, I just wanted them to hurry to the Atlanta Falcons highlights. I wasn't a Falcons fan at all, but I just had to see how many rushing yards Mike Vick ran for and in what absurd way he compiled his yardage. Did he jump over the defensive line then shake four DB's? Or did he break to the outside and beat the defense up the sideline?

So when he was arrested, suspended, and imprisoned, I was a bit disappointed. Now I had to look forward to the rushing antics of QB's like Vince Young and Donovan McNabb, who are no comparison.

Well the good news finally came minutes ago that NFL Commish Roger Goodell has reinstated Vick.

Welcome back, highlight hero.

New Crooks & Castles Fall Gear

via in4mation

Download: DJ Honda x Mos Def "Magnetic Arts"

The two artists that brought us "Traveling Man" are back together again for another hip hop single.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Quite Possibly the Best Wedding Ever

I'm not a fan of love (right now) or marriage (ever), but I am always a fan of fun. And, beyond that, I can certainly appreciate what it must be like to find a woman who is this cool, imaginative, and who doesn't take herself too seriously.

If nothing else, this has made me reevaluate my views on Minnesota.

Can you imagine the reception? Or the hotel party afterward?

Stalkerazzi Tail Report: Eva Mendes

Oooooohhhhhhh, Eva.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Didn't I tell you?

I don't know why I wasn't at this game because the entire stadium went bananas when Manny stepped up and hit a pinch-hit grand slam, only his 21st slammer of his career and his first post-steroids.

I got goose bumps watching the highlights so I can only imagine being at the game, plus it was Manny Bobblehead night. Man crush? Yes.

Download: Tupac x Snoop "If There's a Cure"

I've been craving some Tupac shit lately so this is right on time. You can definitely hear why this was never released but at the same time it's great to hear Snoop and Pac on the same track.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daily Dunk: Jordan Crawford

So the Jordan Crawford dunk has finally hit the Web despite Nike's best efforts to save LeBron the "embarrassment" of getting posterized by a college player.

But after seeing it, how is this really any more vicious than this or this? Any NBA player worth his defensive salt gets dunked on a couple dozen times a year. Check YouTube for the hundreds of videos of Dikembe, Zo Mourning and Ben Wallace getting yoked. Bron Bron's been dunked on plenty in his career, and has plenty more to come. So what?

Granted, this was a college kid dunking on the best basketball player on the planet. But it was also a pickup game with nothing at stake.

Nike, which is arguably the most PR-savvy corporation in human history, got crossed over on this one. They should have known they couldn't confiscate every recording of the dunk, not in the era of the camera phone. So they took what would have been a one-day curiosity and turned it into a near-legendary play, and in the process made LeBron look like a petulant, thin-skinned superstar.

Jordan Crawford, salud.

I Love Transformers, But...

I suppose I can take solace in my fanboydom not being nearly as severe as that of a 14 year old boy from China. When he was 9, this little fella decided that he wanted to be just like his Cybertronian heroes; not by being able to turn into a car or plane, mind you. He decided on a much simpler method [from, via]:
After the boy, in Yibin City, southwest Sichuan Province, had watched the animated TV series, he began to drink gasoline to become a "valiant fighter" like "Optimus Prime," his father told the newspaper.

"He began to drink gasoline five years ago, when we found he liked smelling lighter fuel," he said.

The boy's mother owned a grocery stall, selling small goods such as lighters.

In 2004, she often found lighters missing two or three days after she'd bought them. She later found that her son had been stealing them.

The parents talked to their son and asked him not to do it again. "But afterwards we found our motorcycle's gasoline was always disappearing, and one day when we found the boy had drunk a half bottle of gasoline stolen from the motorcycle, we were too shocked to say anything," the father said.

Parents of the Decade? Quite possibly. The full article can be read here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Air Jordan XXV Rendering

Allegedly the Jordan brand was done numbering the Jordans and instead calling them the "Jordan 2009" etc., but (probably) because they didn't sell any of the Jordan 2009's, they're going back to numbering them and this is a rendering of what is thought to be the next J, the Jordan XXV. This means that there was never a Jordan XXIV, which could open the doors for some limited edition type ish in the future. I like it so far.

via Kenlu

Download: Los Angeles Leakers x Murs "Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster" West Coast Classics Mixtape

Murs got together with the Los Angeles Leakers and put together their favorite west coast gangster cuts. This will definitely hit in your ride during the summertime, or anytime you need some motivation to pull a random driveby off. Enjoy.

Zshare Download Link

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Lil Dez Spoof

Well the puppets are back but a little funnier this time. did some much needed voice-overs (not like the puppets sounded anything like Kobe and Lebron anyways) and gave Lil' Dez a better personality as he asks some of the questions that all of us would ask.

Corner Sleeper with the assist.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tail Report: Christina Milian

News has broke that Christina is now engaged to The Dream, ironically killing "the dream" for "milians" of men around the globe.

[I apologize for the pun; hopefully, the offerings below will more than make up for it.]

The Dream is a lucky, lucky bastard.

A Guide to Dressing Up at Comic-Con

For all of you fanboys and girls, here is a special tutorial written by Seth Green and friends.

Thinking of dressing up for Comic-Con? Do yourself and everyone else a favor: Use this handy guide to determine what might be appropriate. In ascending order of how many hours-per-week you'll need to spend in the gym to pull off. Brought to you by the Robot Chicken staff: Mike Fasolo, Douglas Goldstein, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick, Hugh Sterbakov, Zeb Wells.

SITH LORD: All the weight-hiding benefits of a robe with the slimming power of black. A go-to if you tend to force-choke Hot Pockets more often than mouthy Admirals.

DOCTOR DOOM: Your cape gets smaller, but you still have full body coverage. If you can fit in the armor, the sculpted muscles will take care of the rest.

THE JOKER: You're not going to win any points for originality, but you're still technically wearing clothes.

SUPERMAN: We're knocking on the door to spandex territory, but there are two layers over your crotch, and there's a belt in there somewhere.

SPIDER-MAN: Now we've entered Spandex territory and are building a house there. We shouldn't have to say this, but every crack and crevice will be visible. Proceed with caution.

VAMPIRELLA: Your naughty bits are all covered, but you're still technically naked in most Southern states.

EMMA FROST: For professional models only, and even then your camel better have very small toes, if you get our drift….

PRINCE NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER: There's a reason this guy lives in the water. The only place this outfit would be remotely acceptable is at the beach.

DR. MANHATTAN:If you've got the guts, go with God, but remember to take into account the shrinkage you'll experience when you're relentlessly tasered by convention security.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Something Extra

We've all grown accustomed to popular video games being released in "collector's editions", where in addition to the game you get a t-shirt or some other trivial doddle. Well Activision, the makers of the "Call of Duty" franchise, have raised the stakes for the upcoming release of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2".

When the anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is released on November 10, its $150 Prestige Edition will include what's surely the most extravagant bundled bonus ever -- a fully-functioning pair of night-vision goggles.

Although I've never purchased any of the previous "Call of Duty" releases, and am not highly inclined to play this one, the addition of night-vision goggles (and for the low price of $150) does make it intriguing. (the full article can be read here)

What will be really interesting to see, though, will be the affect this will have on games of Hide & Go Seek amongst neighborhood kids now. No one is going to want to play with the kid who can spot them behind a tree at night from 300 yards away.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Desperate Measures

Oh how it must feel to no longer be relevant. If you've never seen Denise Richards' reality show (Denise Richards: It's Complicated),'re just like 99% of the population (my friend Tony would be in that other 1%, as he prefers to watch it and then complain to me about how terrible it is—instead of, you know, not watch it). After watching this clip, it appears that Ms. Richards is so longing for media attention and ratings that she's willing to fake a paparazzi attack. [WARNING: Video is NSFW]

I mean, really... The four of you are perfectly willing to get topless in front of television cameras (and crew, for that matter), but a photog who just happens to know exactly where to find you on this private beach is so upsetting that you have to go storming after him? Unfortunately for Denise, she's just not good enough of an actress to pull it off.

Oh, and lest you forget: this is the same actress who became famous for her topless threesome in "Wild Things", and who did a Playboy photo shoot four and a half years ago. And people wonder why Charlie Sheen loves hookers and booze.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Leaders Chicago "Hornets" fitted


Video of the Day: Mariah Carey "Obsessed"

I had no idea that this song ever was recorded but it's funny. This is an apparent comeback at Eminem by Mariah Carey. Not a bad idea but when you consider it's Mariah Carey SINGING, it's kind of hard to respect her gangsta. But she does dress up as Em in the video to add some clown points. It never hurts to watch a Mariah video either.

Phil Ivey headlines the WSOP Main Event final nine

Last night the Rio was buzzing in Vegas as we finally arrived with a final nine players to play out the final table in November for the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Phil Ivey started the day off in strong position but lost with his JJ to an all-in preflop by Q-5, then lost again with his JJ to someone's QQ all-in preflop, then lost another preflop all-in with A-10 to someone's 22.

However, I'm happy to say he survived the day and will be featured at the most exciting main even final table ever. Here are the chip counts. The table will play out November 7.

Seat 1: Darvin Moon - 58,930,000
Seat 2: James Akenhead - 6,800,000
Seat 3: Phil Ivey - 9,765,000
Seat 4: Kevin Schaffel - 12,390,000
Seat 5: Steven Begleiter - 29,885,000
Seat 6: Eric Buchman - 34,800,000
Seat 7: Joe Cada - 13,215,000
Seat 8: Antoine Saout - 9,500,000
Seat 9: Jeff Shulman - 19,580,000

Each player making the final table is guaranteed to win ninth-place money-$1.26 million. First place will win over $8.5 million.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dog Rape

Aight this post has no real point besides some senseless comedy. I'm sure that people like Bruno (or Borat, or Ali G., or whatever his name is), the Jackass guys, etc., wish that they had thought of this a long time ago.

Instead, some old woman beat the to the punch and is soon to be the next youtube sensation.

Richard Jefferson ditches fiance night before wedding

Not only did Richard Jefferson leave the lowly Bucks for the San Antonio Spurs, but he's now left his long-time girlfriend... just a day or two before they were to get married. But don't worry, he only spent two million dollars on the wedding.
The cold-footed forward’s decision to ditch onetime Net dancer Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols was so last-minute that some of his oblivious friends had already shown up last Saturday at the swank Mandarin Oriental in Columbus Circle for the $2 million wedding that never happened.

“He called about two hours before the wedding [to tell everyone that it was off]. It was nuts,” said one Jefferson pal. via uproxx.
So what do we think happened? Let's go through the options:

(a) New teammate Tim Duncan threw Jefferson a crazy bachelor's party in the Virgin Islands, where Duncan was born. The party never made it back to the states in time for the wedding. Yes, the NBA's version of Hangover.

(b) Jefferson was woooo'd away by the Greek basketball club Olympiakos (or whatever they're called) for twice his NBA salary and forgot about everything in the U.S., including the Spurs and his fiance.

(c) Tony Parker and Eva Longoria showed up to the wedding in a vicious spousal argument that resulted in Parker getting arrested on domestic violence charges, thus scaring Jefferson out of his own wedding.

(d) Jefferson realized he was moving to a brand new city with a ton of brand new girls that he's never met as an NBA superstar and getting married the summer before this was to take place just didn't seem like the right decision.


(e) all of the above.

Air Griffey Max 1 Black White Orange

The first new colorway by Nike will drop this fall. Hopefully you've already copped one of the original colorways but if not you might wanna snatch these ones.

via kixandthecity