Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Top 10 Wackest Rap Lyrics of All Time

As voted for by Facebook users, that is. Some of the user comments are hilarious; click here to see the full list (can't say I disagree with the top 2, either). Nos. 10 through 6 are below.

From Funk Jelly:
10. Nice n' Smooth.
Ay yo, Dizzy Gillespie plays the sax
Miles Davis played the drums, Charlie Mingus played the piano, and Charlie Parker played the xylophone!

9. Coolio
If you got beef, then eat a pork chop.
Beef: it's the other other other other white meat!

8. The Rappin Duke
Titwillow, titwillow, titwillow, etc., etc.
Not only was this song one of the dumbest ideas ever, but he's dissing Kurtis Blow and Run DMC. Now Kurtis Blow, Run-D.M.C. You haven't heard of rap, til ya heard it from me I'm the baddest rapper in history And there'll be no more, after me. In the 80s, when bad = good, this line was a joke. Now that bad = bad again, Duke was right on target, pilgrim.

7. Paul Wall
I'm crawling similar to a ant cuz I'm low to the earth
People's feelings get hurt when they figure out what I'm worth

How much will you be worth once people shoo your little ant ass off of their plate of potato salad?

6. Nice n' Smooth
My rhymes are stronger than ammonia
I'm a diamond, you're a cubic zirconia

You guys made this list twice, and you've earned it. We're considering you for a lifetime achievement award for dumb lyrics.

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