Friday, July 17, 2009

Desperate Measures

Oh how it must feel to no longer be relevant. If you've never seen Denise Richards' reality show (Denise Richards: It's Complicated),'re just like 99% of the population (my friend Tony would be in that other 1%, as he prefers to watch it and then complain to me about how terrible it is—instead of, you know, not watch it). After watching this clip, it appears that Ms. Richards is so longing for media attention and ratings that she's willing to fake a paparazzi attack. [WARNING: Video is NSFW]

I mean, really... The four of you are perfectly willing to get topless in front of television cameras (and crew, for that matter), but a photog who just happens to know exactly where to find you on this private beach is so upsetting that you have to go storming after him? Unfortunately for Denise, she's just not good enough of an actress to pull it off.

Oh, and lest you forget: this is the same actress who became famous for her topless threesome in "Wild Things", and who did a Playboy photo shoot four and a half years ago. And people wonder why Charlie Sheen loves hookers and booze.

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