Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daily Dunk: Jordan Crawford

So the Jordan Crawford dunk has finally hit the Web despite Nike's best efforts to save LeBron the "embarrassment" of getting posterized by a college player.

But after seeing it, how is this really any more vicious than this or this? Any NBA player worth his defensive salt gets dunked on a couple dozen times a year. Check YouTube for the hundreds of videos of Dikembe, Zo Mourning and Ben Wallace getting yoked. Bron Bron's been dunked on plenty in his career, and has plenty more to come. So what?

Granted, this was a college kid dunking on the best basketball player on the planet. But it was also a pickup game with nothing at stake.

Nike, which is arguably the most PR-savvy corporation in human history, got crossed over on this one. They should have known they couldn't confiscate every recording of the dunk, not in the era of the camera phone. So they took what would have been a one-day curiosity and turned it into a near-legendary play, and in the process made LeBron look like a petulant, thin-skinned superstar.

Jordan Crawford, salud.

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