Thursday, July 30, 2009

Air Jordan Fusion 4 Premier Varsity Red and Varsity Royal

Dear Michael Jordan and Phil Knight,

Please save the greatest sneaker brand ever created and kill the fusions immediately. I believe that I speak for an entire generation of sneakerheads, perhaps the first and original generation of sneakerheads, when I beg you to stop all production of Jordan fusions.

I won't even try to front, I bit on the six rings at first, but quickly realized that I was throwing my money away on wanna-be patent leathers. Especially when you came out with uglier and uglier colors.

I do realize that a lot of the high school and junior high kids are consuming these authentic looking fakes, but you are truly misguiding them from what once made your brand the greatest.

From a business standpoint, you are giving many other shoe opportunities to move in on your market. Congratulations.


The Straight Guy

These are out now. via kixandthecity

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