Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seth Vs. Vinnie and the Boys

If you're a fellow "Entourage" fan, then you saw the discussion between Turtle, E, Drama, and Vinnie about "Knocked Up" and Seth Rogen's attractiveness. It seemed like a rather innocent back-&-forth, and if anything a rather common discussion that I could easily see my friends and I—who are all of the same age range as the boys on Entourage—engaging in on a random day. Seth Rogen, however, wasn't laughing.
In "Knocked Up," Seth Rogen plays a nerdy, not-so-attractive guy who ends up with the hot girl (in this case, Katherine Heigl). But does that happen in real life?

No, according to the guys of HBO's "Entourage" -- and especially not in the case of Seth Rogen. Turtle (Jerry Ferarra) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) dismissed Rogen and Heigl's fictional relationship, insisting that real life is not that generous to less attractive people. ...The argument wasn't exactly mind-blowing, but the script did manage to get under Seth Rogen's skin with some digs about his looks
It turns out, in fact, that there has been a large feud brewing between Rogen and Entourage for years. And while Rogen claims that Mark Wahlberg started it with disparaging comments about he and the Apatow clan, it appears that the actual cause may be some sour grapes on Seth's part.
At first, we assumed Rogen was overreacting, but we did our research and found out that Rogen and "Knocked Up" co-star Jason Segel pitched an idea for a show to HBO, an idea they believe was similar to "Entourage." The network passed on it but then soon after gave Mark Wahlberg's "Entourage" the green light.

Rogen's show idea was loosely based on his own group of friends. "We'd just play video games for months on end," he said. "But we all really wanted to work and make movies."

"I just remember feeling really bitter," Rogen once told E! Online. "We thought the stuff we were writing was funny ... and it just seemed crazy that no one else liked it. You start to question your own sanity. Like, 'Our HBO pilot isn't funny, but 'Entourage' is?'"
Sounds as though Rogen's come down with a serious case of "hateritis."

The full Yahoo News article can be found here.

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