Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stand and Deliver: Gabriel Iglesias

Spend the next 10 minutes with my buddy Gabriel as he tells two classic tales about getting pulled over by the cops.

It's About to Get Ugly

Meet the Hennessey Venom GT, a 1,000 horsepower supercharged supercar that weighs about as much as a Mini Cooper. With that kind of power-to-weight ratio, this thing could make a Bugatti Veyron look like Doc Brown's DeLorean.
It's official - Britain and the US have joined forces to create a weapon of mass destruction: the Hennessey Venom GT supercar.

The Lotus Exige-based Veyron-slayer has finally been unveiled and comes spoiling for a supercar-shaped fight.

It packs a 6.9-litre V8 from a Corvette ZR1 which has been supercharged to produce enough power to melt your right foot - the ‘standard' Venom GT boasts 725bhp, but ask them nicely and you'll get the ‘window-licker' edition with 1,000bhp

Courtesy of Top Gear. Additional pictures can be found here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What is the world coming to...

When I was in elementary school, we did "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and I thought I was tough because I played Grumpy.

By the time these kids are in high school, they should be ready to perform a school rendition of "Debbie Does Dallas."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Download: Meth+Rae+Ghost: Wu Massacre (Album)

01. Criminology 2.5 02:01
02. Mef Vs. Chef 2 02:04
03. Ya Moms Skit 00:36
04. Smooth Sailing Remix (Feat. Solomon Childs & Streetlife) 02:59
05. Our Dreams (Feat. Inspectah Deck, Sun God) 03:25
06. Gunshowers 02:59
07. Dangerous 03:55
08. Pimpin' Chipp 02:32
09. How To Pay Rent Skit (Feat. Tracy Morgan) 00:38
10. Miranda 03:02
11. Youngstown Heist (Feat. Trife, Sheek, Bully) 02:42
12. It's That Wu Shit 03:14

megaupload download
mediafire download

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday

Time to get lifted...

An All New Kind of Video Dating

Are you a devoted gamer who doesn't have a lot of game once you turn off the PS3? Tired of sitting home alone with your joystick? A new service called GameCrush is here to help.
If you're an avid online gamer chances are you sign onto, say, Xbox Live most nights and jump into a game of Modern Warfare or Gears of War with either your friends or some random players. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the majority of gamers you encounter are dudes, and probably immature dudes at that. What if you could pay a bit of cash to play Modern Warfare with an attractive girl? Or maybe relax with a casual game of checkers while you video chat with said female? A new social service launching tomorrow, March 23, called GameCrush (www.GameCrush.com) is hoping there are gamers out there willing to pay for the opportunity to play with girls.

On GameCrush, guys are Players and girls are PlayDates. Players pay to play and PlayDates get paid to play. Guys can browse PlayDate profiles (there are currently around 1,200), view photos, and even chat with girls for free. Publicityhazard's turn ons include vibrating controllers, for instance, and is turned off by three red lights. Once you find a gal you fancy you send her a game invite and if she accepts you get six to ten minutes of one-on-one gaming time.

The PlayDates can set their "moods" to either "flirty" or "dirty"; I'm guessing users of the service will be setting their moods to either "pants on" or "pants off". The service is currently only available for Xbox 360 users, but PS3 access is, ahem, coming.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Throwback Thursday: "Separated" -- Avant

The world's first introduction to Avant was a real talk track about failed relationships that still stands strong 10 years later. And the video will send a chill down the spine of any guy out there that's dated a pscyho-ass broad.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Olympic Pole Dancing Commercial

The dreams of young athletes are a thing of beauty that should be nurtured. Go World.

(Props to Serge for the find.)

Happy Steak and BJ Day

I wish I'd known about this holiday last year when I was actually in a relationship. Hope all of the fellas out there have enjoyed a good steak and a great...dessert. Maybe I'll get the chance sit back and enjoy this day next year. Or have a belated celebration of it in the coming weeks.
March 14th is now officially "Steak and Blowjob Day". Simple, effective and self explanatory, this holiday has been created so you ladies finally have a day to show your man how much you care for him.

No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town; the name of the holiday explains it all, just a steak and a BJ. Thats it. Finally, this twin pair of Valentine's Day and Steak and Blowjob Day will usher in a new age of love as men everywhere try THAT much harder in February to ensure a memorable March 14th!

Steak and a Blow Job Day

Friday, March 12, 2010

David Hasselhoff Ain't the Only Thing Germans Love

No one—and I mean NO ONE—outdoes Germany when it comes to over-the-top weirdness. I haven't even quite figured out exactly what this product is: perfume for punany or punany-scented perfume. Either way...wtf?

If nothing else, I bet this makes Brazil rethink its ban of Paris Hilton's Devassa ad. That commercial looks like a third grade play compared to this.

For more on Vulva, check out the official website (which is only for the 18 and over crowd).

It's the Weekend

Time to lean back...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Behind the Scenes of "How to Make It in America"

This is an interesting piece with Kid Cudi and Bryan Greenberg. Especially when talking about one party scene in particular (around the 52 second mark). I really wish I got to "work" on this show.

Daily Dunk: J.R. Smith


If She Owned a Prius She'd be Dead

This is...well, it's quite simply the best story of the year (thus far; but, even though we're only 3+ months into the year, it's going to be hard for this one to be topped). Props to the boys at Daddy's Sugar Ball for the find.
According to the Key West news site, keysnews.com, "Florida Highway Patrol troopers say a two-vehicle crash...was caused by a 37-year-old woman driver who was shaving her bikini area while her ex-husband took the wheel from the passenger seat...'She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit,' [a state trooper] said."

There is nothing in the article about the woman's profession—though I think we can all agree that she's quite the accomplished landscaper. And there's nothing here that confirms that she is now (or ever was) an exotic dancer; but, being familiar with the ways of the dancer as I am...I think it's a safe bet to make. From my experience, "Florida" + [obliviously dumb act] ÷ [inexplicably complicated matrix of relationships with men] = stripper. I can practically smell the baby oil while reading the story.

Throwback Thursday: "Papa'z Song" -- 2Pac

One of Tupac's most underrated tracks, this also is arguably his most powerful. I was blessed to have a great dad who was more or less the exact opposite of Pac's, but even I can feel the hurt, anger, and resentment coming through in Pac's voice and words every time I hear this song. And doing the final verse from his absent father's point of view was an under-appreciated stroke of genius.

R.I.P. Pac

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Real [re'al] Slim Shady

Where does the world's richest man hail from? The U.S.? Nope. Japan? Wrong again. The U.K.? Bloody-hell nah.

The answer: Mexico.

Meet Mr. Carlos Slim Helú.
Riding surging prices of his telecom holdings, including giant mobile outfit América Móvil (AMX, news, msgs), Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helú has beaten out Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to become the wealthiest person on the planet and nab the top spot on the 2010 Forbes list of the world's billionaires.

Slim's fortune has swelled to an estimated $53.5 billion, up $18.5 billion in 12 months. Shares of América Móvil, of which Slim owns a $23 billion stake, were up 35% in the period.

That massive pile of scratch puts him ahead of Gates, the Microsoft (MSFT, news, msgs) co-founder who had held the title of world's richest for 14 of the previous 15 years.

This news is laced with a healthy spoonful of irony. Mexico has long been notorious for its level of poverty, especially when compared to its neighbors to the north. This means that hundreds of people risk their lives every month crawling through deserts and wading through rivers to escape the home of the world's richest man. Seems to be a lack of balance in that, if you ask me.

The full MSN Money article can be found here.

Ginger PSA

A new season of South Park starts next week (3/17), and I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ghost Prank

This prank is simple, effective, and hilarious. What's even funnier, though, is it goes horribly wrong for the prankster at the end.


When you saw this:

...did you think of this?:

Neither did I. But, amazingly, one person did: Lindsay Lohan.
NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - The actress Lindsay Lohan has sued E*Trade Financial Corp for $100 million, saying a "milkaholic" baby girl who appeared in a recent commercial was modeled after her.

Lohan alleged that online brokerage's use in the ad the girl, also named Lindsay, improperly invoked her "likeness, name, characterization, and personality" without permission, violating her right of privacy.

In her lawsuit filed Monday in a Nassau County, New York state court, the 23-year-old actress sought $50 million of compensatory damages and $50 million of exemplary damages. She also demanded that E*Trade stop running the ad and turn over all copies to her.

E*Trade's spokeswoman declined to comment. My personal guess is she couldn't comment, because she was laughing too hard.

Really, Lindsay? Are you that self-absorbed that you think anyone using the name "Lindsay" (or Lindsey, since in the ad it is spoken and not actually typed out for any kind of verification) and jokingly referencing addiction is basing the character and depiction on you?

Or are you just suing because you're low on coke money?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

EPT Berlin Robbed

Apparently, Germans suck at security. An international, televised, high stakes poker tournament gets hit—on camera—and the police have no leads? The robbers got away with the entire $1 million in prize money. This type of thing would never happen at the Bellagio. (Unless, you know, Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan were involved.)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tail Report: Audrina Patridge

I, like every other straight male over the age of 15, have never watched "The Hills" or whatever other show Miss Patridge has appeared on. But, that doesn't mean I'm not a fan. Here are a couple of hot pictures from her new photo shoot with FHM (more available at the link).

It's Friday

What's crackin?...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Throwback Thursday: "Juice (Know the Ledge)" -- Eric B. & Rakim

Classic track, from a classic flick.

Stand and Deliver: Gabriel Iglesias

I went for months without putting up any of these, and now I have two in a row. Go figure. Anyways, in preparation for his show tonight in Pittsburgh (which my boy Dupa and I have tickets for), I thought I'd share this fantastic clip about a practical joke Iglesias played on his friend, comedian G Reily.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stand and Deliver: Aziz Ansari

Been a long time since I've posted one of these. Don't know why. But here's a great clip where Aziz talks about hanging with Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Air Max 95 Classics are back

For anyone interested, head to Niketown.com..

Daily Dunk: Amare Stoudemire

Richy Jefferson getting the toilet treatment.

Some new West Coast Sh*t

If you never knew now ya know!

Not sure why I wrote that.

Anyways, a little bit of this...

Crooked I Backfire Download

Crooked I First Time

And a little bit of that...

Krondon Let Em Live Mixtape

And then some of that Bay...

Ya Boy The Fix 2 Mixtape

Sony Advises Temporary Halt on PS3 Usage

If you have an older model Playstation 3 (basically, any of the versions other than the new slim, 120G model), turn it off and leave it off until you get further notice. Sony has reported that a bug in the gaming system's hardware has caused an error regarding the clocks, in somewhat Y2K-like fashion.
In a post on the official PlayStation blog, Sony says that the glitch "is being caused by a bug in the clock," which (as the bloggers at Sony Insider are guessing) may have gotten tripped up in the changeover from February 28—yesterday—to March 1.

Symptoms of the bug include your PS3's internal clock being reset to Jan. 1, 2000; the inability to set the clock via the Internet, or to connect to the PSN at all; PSN video store rentals that won't play, even though their rental windows haven't expired; and, worst of all, disappearing "trophy" data for some games, with the message "Failed to install trophies; please exit your game" when you try to launch the said games.

Sony says it "hopes" to get the problem fixed "within the next 24 hours," but it has also issued a sobering warning: "In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data."

Looks like I'll be sticking to the ol' DVR for any of my TV entertainment tonight.