Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stand and Deliver: Jim Jeffries

I'm new to Jeffries' work, but I'm already a fan. This is from his HBO special, "I Swear to God" which is honestly one of the funniest hours of stand-up that I've seen on HBO in a long time (and that includes the Chris Rock specials). There's a segment about drinking that I plan to post at On the Rocks (once I've found a clip), so this is far from the last you'll hear of Mr. Jeffries around here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Video of the Day: Jake One "Home" ft. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish

This is the second video in the history of hip hop reppin Seattle. The first was "Posse on Broadway"...

I probably lied, I'm sure there's some other videos reppin Seatown but I haven't seen them.

The homie Jake One, who has pretty much blown up and grown too big for Seattle, puts some local legends on the track and in the video too. Good to see some of our homies in the video (Nate B., Benito, Caes, etc.) but the best aspect of this video is the gloomy weather.

Corner Sleeper with the assist.

DJ Hero

Activision, the makers of "Guitar Hero", are developing a new game geared towards the hip-hop crowd. "DJ Hero" will not only include a turntable controller, but tracks by big time artists—Jay-Z and Eminem, for instance.

Both rappers are bringing their music to the newest offshoot of Activision's successful $2 billion Guitar Hero franchise. The game, played with a turntable-shaped controller, is due out this fall for PlayStation 3, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii (no price or rating yet).

A limited edition comes with the rappers' exclusive new greatest-hits CDs, possibly including previously unreleased tracks, plus an advanced version of the controller, a DJ stand and metal traveling case. Jay-Z and Eminem will serve as consultants to Activision and the game's developer, FreeStyleGames.

There will also be a competition mode (as with Guitar Hero) in which two players can go head-to-head to show off their mix skills. Is anyone else envisioning the DJ contest in "Juice"?

The full USA Today article can be found here

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daily Dunk: Lamar Odom

After Birdman tossed L.O.'s shit twice, Lamar went back for revenge and succeeded mightily.

Woman rolls for four hours...

Kind of mad that I wasn't involved in this dice game.

A New Jersey woman, playing craps for only the second time, set a record for the longest craps roll -- 4 hours, 18 minutes, the Associated Press reports.

It says Patricia Demauro of Denville, N.J., pulled off the feat at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, N.J., this weekend. The AP says the previous record was 3 hours, 6 minutes set nearly 20 years ago at a Las Vegas casino.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WSOP starting, I'll be M.I.A.

I know it's been slow here at the Crooked Straight.

The WSOP starts this weekend so I won't be posting much at all, it's in the hands of DEFI, TJ, and Crooked Link.

I'll be back in July! Peace.

Pitbull lays fan out

Big Time sent me this.. I have to admire Pitbull here as he doesn't appear to have a huge entourage backing him up. Not to mention he does this while performing his song and doesn't miss a beat. I've never seen anything like this.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Dunk: Trevor Ariza

A recent daily dunker, Dahntay Jones, just got GOT.

Download: Drake "The Drought is Over" mixtape

1.Drake Speaks
2.Good Night, Good Luck
3.Uptown (Original )
4.Drake Speaks
5.She Just Wanna Dance
6.Overdose On Life
7.I Want Dis 4 Eva
8.Friends With Money
9.President Freestyle
10.Get Like Me
11.Still Drake
12.What Im Thinking Right Now
13.Girl Let Me
14.Every Girl
15.Closer To My Dreams (Original)
18.Can't Hide From Love Freestyle
19.Cannon Ball
20.Best I Ever Had
21.Take You Down Freestyle
22.Enjoy Yourself
23.November 14th (Chuck Inglish Remix )
24.Im Goin In

rapidshare download

Charles Hamilton takes one to the jaw

I feel like this is a publicity stunt by Charles Hamilton but on the other hand I could see this really happening to him.

kk with the dish via nahright

The Cam'ron Effect

A US soldier has received high praise for standing on the front lines while wearing pink boxer shorts.

When Army Specialist Zachary Boyd's unit came under fire from Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, he charged into the fight—straight from his bed. Wearing his Army-issued helmet and body armor, and his decidedly non-issue red t-shirt and pink "I Love NY" boxers, he valiantly fought off the enemy. A news photographer caught the scene in a photo that would eventually catch the eye of the Secretary of Defense.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday praised an Army soldier in eastern Afghanistan who drew media attention this month after rushing to defend his post from attack while wearing pink boxer shorts and flip-flops.

..."I can only wonder about the impact on the Taliban. Just imagine seeing that: a guy in pink boxers and flip-flops has you in his cross-hairs. What an incredible innovation in psychological warfare," he said.

While I salute Specialist Boyd's courage—and that of all military personnel willing to risk their lives for their country—I do find the praise somewhat ironic. The same government and military leaders who continue to balk at allowing openly gay men and women to serve are now praising a soldier for wearing pink underwear on the battlefield.

Homophobia is a strange, strange thing. The full article can be read here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rest in Peace Slick

Years ago in 2001 I was introduced to a new friend, Lee "Stretch" Denmon, who was on the Texas A&M Corpus Christi basketball team with my best friend. Stretch turned out to be a great friend but was tragically killed in a random shooting when he moved back to Inglewood in 2003.

Through Stretch a group of friends and I started a small independent record label "Stretch 5 Records" that never really got off the ground. Even though the record label never reached the levels that we hoped for, I met and became good friends with a few of Stretch's friends.

This morning I received the sad news that one of those friends passed away. Slick was always the motivator in the crew and we will miss him dearly. He loved to freestyle and was never considered to be the label's forefront talent but was happy to hop on a track whenever he had the opportunity.

In memory of both Stretch and Slick I'm posting these two songs that I dug up featuring Slick on the last verse of both songs. Neither ever were engineered so they're very rough mixes but I know Slick would be both proud and hyped to know that I put these up. As I went through my old computer I couldn't believe how much material we recorded in a short time. The unfortunate irony is that the first song "Legacy" is a track devoted to Stretch's legacy.

We'll miss you Slick, I know you and Stretch are together watching over your loved ones. Rest in peace.

Legacy Zshare Download ft. Murdok, Japanese, Royal Birdyl, Slick.

How Bout It Zshare Download ft. Royal Birdyl, Murdok, Slick and Japanese on the hook.

Timberland Costa Dorada 2 Eye Ox

As the classic Tim look slowly fades away, Timberland has released these to go after the newer boat shoe look. Out now.

via hypebeast

Daily Dunk: Dwight Howard

There are certain things that can be done to guarantee a daily dunk. And bringing down a shot clock is one of them. Other ways to guarantee you'll get the daily dunk:

- Do a 360 in the game
- Break the backboard
- Win the NBA dunk contest
- Dunk on President Obama

By the way, that was a helluva game last night. I didn't think the Magic had a chance in the world to win that game and that's how it was looking in the first half. I'm telling someone that the only way the Cavs can fail with 14.5 seconds left is if Lebron settles for a jumper instead of going to the cup. I didn't figure in the fact that he would pass the ball and rely on Delonte West to hit the game winner. Go figure.

Nas and Kelis getting divorced

I'm late as sht with this but I just found out today so wanted to put it up. I would have thought this would be a long-lasting couple but that's my ignorance.

From TMZ:
“Nas, one of the biggest and richest rappers around, does not want to pay his estranged, pregnant wife, Kelis, a penny in spousal support.

Kelis filed for divorce April 30. She’s weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but no matter to Nas — he’s filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny her the spousal support she’s seeking. For bad measure, he also wants her to pay her own lawyer’s fees.

Nas and Kelis both want joint custody of their unborn child.

Kelis cites “irreconcilable differences” for the divorce, but we’re told she believes he was cheating on her and that’s what buzz-killed the marriage.”
via missinfo.

DMX out of jail, now rollerskating

If you haven't heard, DMX was released from Arizona jail a couple days ago.

So what is the Dark Man up to these days?


I guess that's what rehabbed thugs do.

Air Tech Challenge Agassi Hybrid Black Rave Pink

Available now.

via kixandthecity.

Download: Eminem ft. Mr. S.O.S. and Substantial "We Made You" Remix

Here's a dope dance remix by QN5's Chew Fu featuring Mr. SOS and Substantial.

Zshare Download

via 2dopeboyz

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Dunk: Rajon Rondo

I'm pretty sure he's dunking on Dwight Howard here. Although there's no body contact at all, Rondo goes up for the dunk, Howard goes for the block, and Rondo dunks it. That qualifies doesn't it? Either way I give Rondo props for going up for this dunk on 1.5 steps in the lane.


via highsnobiety

Eminem's first interview

Here's some vintage footage that has of Eminem's (alleged) first interview right after the release of his "Slim Shady" LP. His bff Royce da 5'9" was there for the guest appearance.

Transformers Ravage USB Flash Drive

For all you Transformers heads: $43, 2 gb, dropping in September here.

via likecool.

New Adidas Dwight Howard commercial

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crooks & Castles Summer

via ctothejl

Get Paid: How to negotiate a higher salary

Anyone frustrated with their salary? I know the feeling. Here's some advice via yahoo finance:

Many employers won’t extend their best offer unless you negotiate, says Monych. So now is the time to use all that research and come up with a desired salary range. Don’t be afraid to ask for a 10% increase from your last salary -- especially if you were underpaid. Ranges for five-figure salaries should be within $10,000 (for example, $60,000 to $70,000), while six-figure salary ranges can be wider (say, $100,000 to $140,000).
Check out the complete article here.

Daily Dunk: Dahntay Jones

Hey L.A... Denver is coming...

Nike GS Transformers 2 Pack Dunk Air Max 95 and CB 94

From kixandthecity:
Each of the kix are inspired by the character that they represent and feature an upper that links back to the colors of the Autobot/Decepticon and a graphic on the tongue.

The Nike GS Transformers Pack is available now at select Nike accounts in size 3.5 to 7 only.

Banned from TV Eminem commercial

This is nothing special but it was banned. I wonder why.

Joakim Noah = That Nucca

So you and your teammates get bounced from the NBA playoffs in a tough Game 7 loss. How do you take your mind off it all, and refresh yourself before off-season workouts? If you're the Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah, you grab a hottie with very little inhibitions and head to St. Barts.

From TMZ (TJ with the spot):

Additional photos can be found here.

Video of the Day: Head Banger

Flash back to 1992, when posse cuts were the dopest tracks and Def Squad was arguably the illest collection of MCs outside the Wu-Tang Clan. This may have been the underrated K-Solo's shining moment.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The King's Circus Shot

And to think, I thought that LeBron's lack of a jump shot coming out of high school would be his Achilles heel.

Gravis Transit Hi

Available for $110.

via ctothejl.


Monday Night Football broadcaster and ESPN Pardon the Interruption host Tony Kornheiser has resigned from MNF, citing a "fear of flying" as his reason for leaving. He'll be replaced by former coach/Chuckie look-a-like Jon Gruden.

I remember a few years ago when ESPN obtained the rights to MNF and was searching for the host and everyone, including myself, was pissed that they chose Kornheiser. Now he doesn't even want the job?

via yahoo

Download: Revolver ft. Lil Wayne

This song kinda goes. Lil Wayne is on the first verse and the rest of the song is some chick singing. Apparently it's unknown who the chick is and was originally thought to be Madonna but turns out that it's not.

Sounds like Lady Gaga to me.

Usershare Download

via 2dopeboyz

Obama Fitted

This might be taking the presidential merchandising a little far but here's the official New Era Yes We Can fitted.

Available at Rock N Jocks.

Download: Jay Dilla ft. Havoc and Raekwon "24k Rap"

A meeting of legends.

Zshare Download

via hypebeast

Daily Dunk: Carl Landry

I know, the Rockets are on vacation right now. But I missed this dunk last week and it was nice seeing as the Rockets have no players over 6'7" playing.

Nike Trainer 1

via kixandthecity

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scotty Nguyen the Actor?

Ran across this old clip of Scotty Nguyen in a poker movie I've never even heard of called The Big Blind.

Personally, I've never really been a big fan of Scotty, and given his antics at last year's 50k H.O.R.S.E. tournament final table, I grew to dislike him even more.

Newfound Motivation

Though some of us at Crooked Straight have known and loved custom-made motivational posters for years now, their popularity among the general public is only now growing (if the recent surge of forwarded e-mails that I have received is any indication). Here are a few new [to me] creations that have come past the ol' inbox as of late. (Something tells me Girlfriend won't be letting me attend any LSU football games any time in the near future.)

Stand and Deliver: Bernie Mac

Here's a legendary clip by a legendary comedian, Mr. Bernie Mac (RIP). This was actually the first TV appearance of his that I (and, likely, many others) had ever seen. His swagger and presence during this Def Comedy Jam performance let you know immediately that he would be big.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maxim's Hot 100 List Announced

The 2009 edition of Maxim's "Hot 100" has been released, and sitting atop it is a new face: Miss Olivia Wilde. While I don't protest the selection, I don't necessarily agree with it either. Olivia's pretty, and certainly wouldn't get the cold shoulder from me at a bar if I was a single man. But hottest in the world? Eh. And then there's the opinion of my friend TD (who is a girl; and, surprisingly, a straight one):

"I was upset to see 'our' girl [Megan Fox, who finished no. 2 in voting] did not make #1…. But then I saw who did and I am very pleased. She used to be on The OC when I watched it back in the day…. I always thought this girl was SEXY SEXY!"

Maxim's thoughts on the top 5 (as found on Yahoo's "omg! news"):
1. Olivia Wilde: "We may not know a McDreamy from a McNugget, but when it comes to TV doctors, there is only one who makes our body temperatures rise. We were drooling over the NYC native long before she was injected into Fox's hit medical drama (House)."

2. Megan Fox: "Seriously, do women get more painfully hot than this? Megan Fox has the face of an angel, a body so perfect that God may have carved it out of soap and sex appeal that could melt a unicorn's horn. Plus, we hear she smells like clouds."

3. Bar Refaeli: "If there's any evidence that the Middle East is a land of beauty and wonder Bar is it. The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel with the brain blowing body scorched the cover of the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition."

4. Malin Akerman: "In the dark world of Watchmen, Malin was tasked with one tough mission ... Watchmen wasn't the first time we've seen Malin and it won't be the last. She's got four new flicks on her busy schedule."

5. Mila Kunis: "Mila's combination of exotic beauty and gal-next-door charm would make any sane man forget his ex in three seconds flat."

Also, for the first time in history, the worlds of politics and sophomoric-men's-magazines have collided, as First Lady Michelle Obama clocked in at no. 93. "He may be dealing with two wars, an economic meltdown, and a rapidly graying dome, but at least our Commander in Chief gets to come home to the hottest First Lady in the history of these United States. (Sorry, Martha Washington!)" Nice to see Michelle getting some love.

The full list can be found here.

Don't Stiff Your Bookie

I'm not really a fan of Family Guy. In fact I think it's quite a dumb show, but I ran across this clip online that had me rolling.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily Dunk: Delonte West

You knew this was coming. Or did you?

The Cavs are officially serial killers.

Diesel DZ9044

I'm seriously considering buying this. No face. $365.

Buy here via likecool.

Lebron + Kobe Nike Puppet Commercial

Apparently this is a real Nike commercial. It should be funny but it's really not, so I'm giving it a fail pass.

WIP Pac-Q Fitteds

These are fresh. Available at

I'm tempted to buy one and pose as a filipino for a few days.

via strictly fitteds

Jordan Jeter Captain

Although these may appear ugly at first glance, when you throw some cleats on the bottom of them, put on a baseball uniform and get on the diamond, I could see them being pretty dope.

Available now.

In related news, a lot of people say that the "player I'd be most surprised to find out is on steroids" is Derek Jeter. This includes Mike and Mike of ESPN.


Did we forget about a guy named Ken Griffey Jr.?

shoes via sneakerobsession