Thursday, January 30, 2014

Respect My Gangsta: Jon Stewart

You can have whatever view on President Obama that you want. But if you're against him, I hope you have a credible reason, and not one of the manufactured ones that the GOP likes to spin. And that's not to say there aren't credible criticisms to be made; you're just not going to hear many being used by Republicans in Congress who haven't made the slightest effort to work with him over the five years that he's been in office.

Throwback Thursday: "Real Love" -- Mary J. Blige

If you don't start dancing with first few notes of this classic, you're not human.

[Sidenote: Goddamn this track makes me feel old. Look how young Mary looks!]

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Kickstart: Friendly Benefits

It amazes me that some girls don't recognize that a guy being reeaalllyy nice to her isn't doing so because he's nice, he's doing it because he wants to put in work. Are there nice guys out there? Sure. But the gents from Wong Fu Productions have created the video below to illustrate the line that separates "a nice guy" from "a nice guy who wants your pumps in the air."

So ladies, the next time a guy friend is being bend-over-backwards nice to you, either give him some or stop taking advantage of his stupidity affections.

Good luck out there this week, it's going to be a cold one. Oh, you want inspiration to keep your mind off the subzero temperatures? *clears throat* "Monica Alvarez":

*drops the mic* Let's go.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Kickstart: She Got Game

Starting a day later, in reverence to Dr. King. And in reverence to Mrs. Obama (TJ with the assist):


Don't. You. EVER.

Now, for another kind of about the nerve-tingling-hot Sophie Rose?

Yeah, I thought that might do it for you. Let's go.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Japanese Love Industry

If, after watching this video, your first instinct is going to be to ask me why I haven't moved to Japan, let me just answer the question ahead of time: I don't know. Tokyo looks like it would be my playground. Sushi! Beautiful, single Japanese women in their 20s and 30s who are so focused on making their own money that none of them have any designs on being in a relationship! Cuddle cafes! (...forget I said that. No! Shut up! Didn't happen!)

Talk the Talk

This is good. "Bad British Commentary" of a college football game.

(Spotted on Dead Spin.)

Throwback Thursday: "No Diggity" -- Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen

It's been too long. Throwback Thursday took a bit of a sabbatical recently. The holidays and work have just been like that. All I can do is promise to do better going forward.

Let's start with a party classic. Queen Pen never made it much further than this track (yes, she put out a solo album; yes, a copy of that album is sitting in my collection). When she claims to be a playette, though, I think there's some truth there. After all, she'd later admit to being bisexual. And who's better at toying with the will of man than someone who knows both sides of the game?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video: Rawcus -- "White People Crazy"

Yo DJ...give me a beat Miley Cyrus can "twerk" to. #IfIDidAdlibsForRawcus

My boy Esq with the assist.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tail Report: 2014 Golden Globes

Emma Thompson stole my heart that night. Sorry ladies, some of you may be younger and firmer, but none of you have that much gangsta in you. But that's for an On the Rocks wifey post to come...

Here's the best in skin from this year's Golden Globes.

Margot Robbie

The new "it girl"? Maybe. But I'll tell you one thing: Australia knows how to breed hot blondes. She's like 329,000th to come out of there. Not that I'm complaining...

Amy Adams

If nothing else, American Hustle has made Amy okay with her sideboob. I'm okay with it too.

Kate Mara

I'm not sure where she's been lately, but...welcome back.

Jennifer Lawrence

Prerequisite "She's perfect in every way so shut up I'm posting a picture anyways and leave me and my wifey alone" post.

Sofia Vergara

I'm not sure if there's a lifetime achievement award for sexiness, but if there is, Sofia's a lock. This was what she wore to the after-party, not the main event, but...I doubt anyone's going to nitpick technicalities here.

Sosie Bacon

Six degrees of ZOMG. You probably noticed the hot model handing the awards to soused celebs onstage during the event, but (like me) figured she was a nameless soul. Well, she's not so nameless. In fact, she's Hollywood royalty. Her mother: Kyra Sedgwick. Her father: Kevin Bacon. Yup, you've got nothing for her.

[NOTE: It's been brought to my attention that they announced Sosie and her pedigree live during the broadcast. I missed that. I suck.]

Monday Kickstart: Fail to the Chief

2013 was fun, wasn't it? No election filled with lies and the deliberate exaggeration and reimagining of the mundane into inflammatory water cooler topics. Well, enjoy it; 2014 will likely see 2016 campaigns begin to form. *shivers*

If mudslingers today rely on blatant untruths about a candidate's private life (like the idiot "Birthers" who to this day insist that President Obama wasn't born in the US) to produce movement in the polls, what will they do when that candidate has already put his or her entire life in the public eye?

Of course, there's always hope that instead of the petty nonsense that's become standard in the last 20 years of American politics, we'll all just ignore the election and focus our attention on something more positive. Something purer, something inspiring. Something, like...Misty Copeland, the first African American Woman to join American Ballet Theatre:

One of the most breathtaking women I've ever seen. Let's go.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So you wanna be an enforcer, huh?

Hands-On Interview

I mean, as huge as they are, I'm more shocked she didn't touch Kat's titties every time she turned around. Hell, any of us might accidentally touch one of Kat's titties at any moment. Yup, accidentally...

*randomly reaches around...*

Snow F**k Yourself

Jimmy Kimmel dishes out a little bit of justice. (Just a little...)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Kickstart: Got a Light?

Where else but Russia?

How didn't Russia win the Cold War? Seriously, its entire populace appears to be made up of fearless, vodka swilling maniacs.

This week's motivation is Jennifer...well, we don't seem to have a last name. Maybe it's written on her clothes somewhere...

...I can't remember what I was looking for, but I'm fairly certain I found it. Let's go.