Monday, January 13, 2014

Tail Report: 2014 Golden Globes

Emma Thompson stole my heart that night. Sorry ladies, some of you may be younger and firmer, but none of you have that much gangsta in you. But that's for an On the Rocks wifey post to come...

Here's the best in skin from this year's Golden Globes.

Margot Robbie

The new "it girl"? Maybe. But I'll tell you one thing: Australia knows how to breed hot blondes. She's like 329,000th to come out of there. Not that I'm complaining...

Amy Adams

If nothing else, American Hustle has made Amy okay with her sideboob. I'm okay with it too.

Kate Mara

I'm not sure where she's been lately, but...welcome back.

Jennifer Lawrence

Prerequisite "She's perfect in every way so shut up I'm posting a picture anyways and leave me and my wifey alone" post.

Sofia Vergara

I'm not sure if there's a lifetime achievement award for sexiness, but if there is, Sofia's a lock. This was what she wore to the after-party, not the main event, but...I doubt anyone's going to nitpick technicalities here.

Sosie Bacon

Six degrees of ZOMG. You probably noticed the hot model handing the awards to soused celebs onstage during the event, but (like me) figured she was a nameless soul. Well, she's not so nameless. In fact, she's Hollywood royalty. Her mother: Kyra Sedgwick. Her father: Kevin Bacon. Yup, you've got nothing for her.

[NOTE: It's been brought to my attention that they announced Sosie and her pedigree live during the broadcast. I missed that. I suck.]

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