Thursday, July 31, 2008

Download: DJ Drama presents Ludacris "The Preview"

I just listened to this all the way through. There's some bangers and some bricks on here, but that's because some of the beats (i.e. "Still Tippin") get on my nerves.

01. And Starring [01:44]
02. Still Spittin' [04:26]
03. DTP Magic (Feat. Willy Northpole) [04:39]
04. Get Up Get Out (Feat. Block Xchange) [04:46]
05. So Thoro [02:21]
06. The Vocalizer [01:45]
07. Bigg Ass House [03:22]
08. 2 Kings (Feat. I-20) [03:09]
09. Politics As Usual [02:13]
10. Look What I Got (Feat. Playaz Circle) [03:06]
11. Pinky Shinin' (Feat. Small World) [03:41]
12. ShoÆNuff Revisited (Feat. Lil Fate) [03:52]
13. Ordinary Negroes [02:42]
14. Busta Rhymes - Throw It Up (Feat. Lil Wayne & Ludacris) [04:22]
15. LA The DarkMan - Coogi Down (Feat. Willie The Kid) [02:58]
16. IÆm A Dog (Feat. Playaz Circle) [04:38]
17. Smokin Big Kill (Feat. Shawnna) [02:37]
18. Stay Together [04:01]
19. We AinÆt Worried Bout You [03:28]
20. Roll The Credits [00:19]
21. Been Puttin On / Secret Song [08:46]

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Ludacris + Obama = Republican wet dream

Here Faux News tries to dig into Barack Obama because Ludacris maded a song ("Politics as Usual") supporting Obama. Just wait until they realize that half of the rappers out there have shouted Obama out in there songs. Those guys at Faux are so sharp.

Daily Dunk: Kevin Johnson

This thing needs no intro other than to say that Kevin Johnson is 6-1 and Mark Eaton is 7-4. Goddamn.

Tail Report: Tatyana Ali

Here's everyone's favorite little cousin, fresh out of Bel Air...

Nike Hyperdunk United We Rise

The "United We Rise" Nike Hyperdunk is set to officially release on 8/8/08 at the House of Hoops by Foot Locker and select Nike accounts.

Steve Nash + Baron Davis = Step Brothers

This is an entertaining clip of BD and Steve Nash doing a spoof of the Step Brothers movie (which is great) that just came out. I have to admit the friendship between the L.A. native "Boom Dizzle" and the Canadian white guy Steve Nash is quite the intriguing dynamic.

Peep Nash's dancing at the promenade, it's the best part.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daily Dunk: Jerome Lane

Any sports play so vicious it destroys equipment is automatically ill. In basketball, that means shattering the backboard (or in young Shaq's case, bringing down the entire backboard support). Everyone's seen the Darryl Dawkins and Darvin Ham jams that cracked glass, but here's one a few have forgotten. Defi, this one's for you.

Jerome Lane was an undersized forward for Pitt in the mid-80s - out of the same high school LeBron played at - who nonetheless led the Big East in rebounding his sophomore and junior seasons (including being the top rebounder in the country his sophomore year). He was drafted in the first round by Denver in 1988 after leaving school early and bounced around the League for five seasons.

But on Jan. 25, 1988, Providence came to town, and in one play, Jerome made college basketball history in a game Pitt fans remember to this day as "The Night The House Came Down."

Breakdancing x Jewish Guy = Fail

Watch the yamaka fly...

The New Lebrons

These are the new Lebron's, which will debut at the Olympics. The man himself was seen wearing them in these pictures during practice. My inside Nike sources (shout out to Big Time) tell me that they will be retailing for $140. Thanks to KK.

Source: Kicks on Fire

Prodigy: Snitching 101

I admit that the topic of "snitching" in hip hop is quite played out (that's an understatement), but this clip of Prodigy attempting to explaing the levels of snitching and "hood n**gas with a couple bodies" as opposed to serial killers, is hilarious. As the video progresses, it gets funnier and funnier.

In short: Prodigy says Jay-Z, knows what's up, that Prodigy had a 911 Turbo before Jay-Z and that Jaz-Z is too old for a Turbo; America is trying to glorify snitching by putting out movies such as American Gangster and Jay-Z is a "bitch-ass n**ga" for doing the soundtrack to snitching; Prodigy dialogue interrupted by clip of Camron stating he wouldn't snitch on his neighbor if his neighbor was a serial killer, but he would move; Prodigy says Camron is on some other shit for saying he wouldn't snitch on a serial killer and "hellll yeah I would snitch" on a serial killer, slightly contradicting the past five minutes of 'no snitching' rambling.

I have no idea how old this is but it was well worth the watch for me.

Download: Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West and Jay-Z "Put On" Remix

This is a remix with Jeezy bragging about how he should be registered to smoke, but isn't registered to vote (wtf?...someone correct me if I'm wrong), Kanye doing his annoying vocoder deal and Jay-Z outshining them in a below average verse of his where he brings up his Prodigy summer jam clownage. I guess if Jeezy wanted me on a remix I would half ass it too. Thanks again to BC.

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?uestlove Nike Air Force 1 Low Gold Toe

I'm lovin' this idea of the random gold toes inserted into sealed boxes.

From hypebeast:

On the heels of the recent showing of Nike 1World’s latest celebrity designed Air Force 1 done with ?uestlove of Roots comes a further update with an ultra rare Gold Toe version unveiled here. With a total production run rumored to be in the low 300s, each ?uestlove AF1 comes in a sealed blind box with a special twist as 25 pairs of these Gold Toe Air Force 1s will be randomly allocated. Lucky winners will not only be getting their hands on a gold pair but also the more readily available red version and an extravagant Roots prize pack. Although no concrete info is available on the Roots prize pack, allegedly it includes a trip to a Roots show/party. For your chance to get your hands on the elusive gold pair, Philadelphia’s Ubiq are offering a chance to win a free pair with every sign-up to their newsletter. Ubiq drop will see the shoes available for sale on August 5th with ?uestlove on hand for the 6:00 pm release.

Video of the Day: Redman "Run My Block"

Thanks to BC for this gem, a mixtape track that Red felt necessary to make a video of himself and his man rolling around the hood in a smart car with the top down. Leave it up to the Funk Doc to use a gas-efficient scraper in his video. Gotta love this dude.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Dunk: Jarvis Basnight

Back in the 80s and early 90s, the University of Nevada-Las Vegas was the shiznit in ball. It produced a number of NBA All-Stars and an uncounted number of banged groupies (and, subsequently, illegitimate children). Unfortunately, all good things don't last, especially when your coach is suspected of breaking every rule in the NCAA book.

Jarvis Basnight was a passable forward for the team from 1985-88 who remains one of the school's best shooters ever but never averaged more than the 14 ppg he posted his senior season. However, he did create a blueprint for Vince Carter's Frederic Weis hurdle when he copped a steal against Pacific, went around the back down the court and then said "f*ck it" and cleared some poor bastard for the jamaliciousness.

Wade + Union

Yes, I realize now that I'm hella late on this one. But it's news to me and I confirmed that it's news to my boy too, so now if you didn't know, you know.

Last September Dwyane Wade separated from his wife and high school sweetheart (she has since moved back to their hometown Chicago) and has had a (ongoing?) relationship with Gabrielle Union. Apparently, people thought it was only a fling and Wade's ex flew all the way to Miami to confront Union, but they were seen at Jet this past weekend getting it on before Team USA took off for China.

You really can't be mad at Wade, but Union is another one of 'those,' having been rumored to be with Derek Jeter, Jason Kidd, and others.

But hey, those are just rumors...

Nike 2008 Olympic Fitteds

I like these (both). Hopefully they look good on the head, because Nike tortures some fitted hats. Available at

Tail Report: Chili (TLC)

Anyone over the age of 21 was in love with Chili at some point in their life, including Usher.

Converse 100th Anniversary Leather Jacket Chucks

The zipper line is ill. Dropping August 1.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fireworks at Commerce

This is from 2+2 poster Rekrul and I found it to be an entertaining read:

I'm sitting in a 20/40 at Commerce 1 hour ago in the back left of the room where the bathroom and plant foliage is and Greg Meuller is playing some guy named "Rock" heads up in some game, I don't know which but they only had white 100$ chips. I don't know who Rock is but he seems pretty crazy and suddenly the room is slightly quieted and all heads turn as Rock starts laughing in Muellers face like a completely arrogant jerkoff, I don't know why but he probably won a pot with a **** kicker that one upped him, or bluffed Meuller, or caught a bluff.


Rock wouldn't stop laughed to the point where it was entertaining as **** and annoying at the same time..AHAHAHAHA..AH HA HA HA HA...AH AHHAHAHAHAHAH

Mueller couldn't ****ing take it anymore then hit Rocks stack of chips with his hand, knocking them down. People start to laugh but then are silenced as Rock quickly hits Mueller's stack then Mueller returns fire by grabbing a bunch of Rocks chips and does a short toss and throws them on the floor. People thought it was all silly fun and games then Rock gets up huffing and puffing (Mueller is bigger than Rock but Rock seems ****ing crazy and stronger so he would without a doubt **** Mueller up, and you could tell by the look on Muellers face that he knew that.


*Rock grabs huge handful of Gregs 100's and ****ing flings them practically over our table and in the direction of the planty****/smoking room area*

He keeps ****ing flinging, he does like 5 huge flings of 100's it was so awesome it was like slow motion he must have flinged atleast 5k worth of 100's but was smart enough not to throw in the direction of people. Greg just sat there with nothing to do or say.


Mueller then gets up trying to save face but is obviously intimidated as hell, cops and casino managers rush in to stop a fight from breaking out as fishy people loitering around the smoking area try to start picking up chips to help as casino staff people yell at them PUT THAT DOWN as if they are going to steal it.

Pandemonium ensues all around as Mueller Rock and casino managers argue with cops standing all around.

Finally they are told they are being kicked out (don't know for how long probably just a day). Rock doesn't seem phased at all and even did a big HAHAHAHAHAH cackly laugh again at a Mueller who is obviously shook the **** up and pretty pale faced speechless.

then for the next 30 mins as one looks around the casino all you can see is people recounting the story to other people laughing and one random guy even tried to sneakily look around for some 100's in the tree foliage area.

Daily Dunk: Melvin Levett

Dunk aficionados know that there are several different types of dunks, and some are inherently more vicious than others. I don't mean types in terms of style (i.e. 180s, tomahawks, rock the cradle, etc.) but in terms of situation. You have your breakaway jams, your alley oops, your facials and so on. But the most explosive of the bunch is the putback jam. That's when a player leaps to grab an offensive rebound in the air and dunks it all in the same motion.

What makes putbacks the illest dunk on the court is their element of surprise. You can't plan them and they rely almost entirely on a player's anticipation and athleticism. Throw in the fact that they're usually done in traffic and executed with force - because of momentum - and it's no wonder they get fans jacked up like few other plays in the sport.

Here, Melvin "The Helicopter" Levett - an undersized shooting guard for Cincy in the late 90s who had a cup of coffee in the NBA - demonstrates how to perform a putback dunk even if your own teammate is in the way.

Nike Zoom Flight 95 - JKidd's

These JKidd flights are out exclusively at the House of Hoops in New York City.

Manny is a G

Every season, the Red Sox try and push Manny Ramirez around, to get him to play by their rules. Every year, they fail miserably and he calls their bluff.

Yesterday the Red Sox all-star told some radio station that he doesn't care if the Red Sox trade him -- he'll approve it. Manny has a stipulation in his contract that states he has to approve any trade. Manny stated that he's tired of the Red Sox, and if they're tired of him, they'll trade him, but he knows that "the Red Sox are not stupid."

The funny thing about it is that he's exactly right: they're tired of him, but they're not going to trade him because he's too good. They need him.

Unfortunately for the Red Sox, they've taken several mis-steps in the whole Manny ordeal, which seems to resurface at about this exact time every season.

Last week in the final game against the Mariners, Manny sat the game out because he said his knee was sore. He also sat out the next game, the opener against the rival Yankees. The Red Sox conducted an MRI on his knee, which showed no problems in his knee. That's where they should have left it. Instead, they voiced their frustration with Manny and the fact that he took two games off. Why? All they did was create the new controversy in which they can't look good. Either they trade him and make their team worse, or they keep him and make it look like he's running shit in Beantown. Why not just say his knee was sore so he needed two days to rest? Other players do it all the time. Giambi doesn't even play against lefties and most catchers take a day off every week. So why can't Manny? Well, he can, according to him. He just wants the Red Sox to stfu about it.

Wow (Guiness Commercial)

The Dallas Kid has issued this Guiness commercial with the "Best Ever" title. You be the judge...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pot Committed

In this Fresno casino, a black jack player attempts to bet a sack of weed (lookes like an eighth or a quarter). The best part is that when he realized he put too much weed, he takes some out and bets a smaller amount. Unfortunately, he failed.

Daily Dunk: Monta Ellis

The kid just inked like $67 million. You can buy a lot of property in his hometown Jackson, Mississippi with that kind of cheese. Unfortunately, for someone that's fast as hell with boosties, he doesn't have many dunk highlights and we already featured his yack on Barbosa. So here's a little something that hopefully we'll see more of in the future.

Tail Report: Emmanuelle Chriqui

I'm sure that almost everyone that watches Entourage (if you're straight) has a crush on Emmanuelle...

Here she is on Jimmy Kimmel:

Nike Hyperdunk McDonald's All-American

Supposedly these are designed based on the McDonald's All-American colors. No release date. 6/10.

Download: The Game ft. Lil' Wayne "My Life"

This is a hard song with Game on three verses and Lil Wayne singing the hook (could have made a better choice for someone to sing the hook IMO but that'll get it on the radio undoubtedly). The Game seems to be best friends with Wayne and Nas now, both of whom have said they want to make an entire album with The Game. This song is legit and I'm looking forward to The Game's album. 8/10.

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Source: Nahright

Minor League Baseball > WNBA

Last night in a minor league game that no one cares about, the Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs got down and dirty. Unlike the WNBA cat fight, these boys really meant it. One player tried to throw a ball into the opposing team's dugout and ended up hitting a fan, sending the fan to the hospital. Crooked Straight does not condone that type of activity and it should be noted that the player was arrested for assault after the game. Another player (second clip) looked like he wanted to do some damage with a bat. The first clip is a shorter/clearer version shown on ESPN. The second is a home video taken by a fan that shows the whole fight and aftermath.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Download: The Game and Young Buck "Laugh Now Cry Later"

01. Young Buck - Enemies To Best Friends Intro
02. The Game ft. Young Buck, Bun B, Jadakiss, Pusha T - Games Pain (Remix)
03. Young Buck - Laugh Now Cry Later
04. Young Buck - Taped Conversation
05. The Game - Taped Conversation (G-Unit Diss)
06. The Game ft. Travis Barker - Dopeboyz
07. Young Buck - My Interview
08. The Game ft. Lil Wayne - Aint Saying Nuthin
09. Young Buck - Hip Hop Cant Save Me
10. The Game ft. Busta Rhymes, Nas & Lil Wayne - Dont Touch Me
11. Young Buck - Shorty Wanna Ride With Me
12. The Game - Bullets
13. The Game - 911 Is A Joke
14. The Game ft. Lil Wayne - Lyrical Homicide
15. Young Buck - Get Buck (Remix)
16. Young Buck - Its Not OK
17. Young Buck - Im Out Here
18. The Game - Big Dreams
19. Young Buck ft. Snoop Dogg - Driving Down The Freeway (G-Mix)
20. Young Buck - My Whole Thing
21. Young Buck ft. The Game, Ludacris & T.I. - Stomp (Remix)
22. The Game ft. Cassidy - Aim For The Head
23. The Game - Here We Go Again
24. Young Buck - Look At Me Now
25. The Game & Young Buck - Outro

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Fellas, it may be a wrap for Cassie. The internets reports that Diddy has proposed to the 21-year-old actress/model/singer/etc. and that she has accepted.

Move on to the next one.

Stalkerazzi Tail Report: Rosario Dawson

From's "Beach Watch"

Nas on Colbert Report

Nas needs all the publicity that he is deservedly getting, so I'm happy to repost these clips. Props to Nas and others who delivered a petition to Fox News to halt their racist views. Also props to Colbert for shedding more light on this.

I actually listened to the Nas album for the first time yesterday and in my opinion it's a masterpiece. It delivers in so many different ways but is a far cry for the bullsh*t that we hear on the radio every day and night. At this point I'd urge everyone to buy it, but even if you're broke, download it so you can listen to it.

Vote: Nas.

Colbert report on Nas and the petition

Colbert interviewing Nas

Source: Missinfo

WNBA makes headlines two days in a row

Cheryl Ford (Karl Malone's illegitimate daughter), a player for the Detroit Shock, tore her ACL while breaking up a fight. Very admirable. Except for the fact that she tore her ACL holding someone back who wasn't even involved in the actual fight. Very...unathletic? She was restraining her (random) teammate for no apparent reason, slipped and tore her ACL. Now that she's on the disabled list, the Detroit lady Pistons have signed 50-year-old Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, who was working as a broadcaster, to a seven-day contract. No, they didn't fire coach Rick Mahorn and hire Lieberman. They signed a 50-year-old to replace a player who can't hold a player back without tearing her ACL. Way to rectify your problem.

This league is a joke to 90% of all sports fans and now it's actually a funny joke. I personally blame Greg Norman, who apparently woke up the WNBA to the notion that 50 is never too old to get it done. Let's see if Lieberman can hold up on her fourth day better than Norman. I can only imagine how things would have deteriorated if Norman had to play seven days.

'I'm too old for this shit.'

Ladies and gentlmen, welcome to the WNBA, where hall-of-famers can improve their stats.

New Crooks & Castles/5&A Dime Shirts

Available tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tail Report: Assorted

Everyones second favorite tennis player (Serena, duh) Anna Kournikova (8/10) doing what she does best: not playing tennis and looking good...

Megan Fox (6/10 here) on the set of Transformers sequel... YES! The Transformers SEQUEL...

Kim (9/10) knows where the money maker is, maybe that's why she's in the stretch pants...

Model Catalina Cruz (7/10 for the fakes) doing her model thing...