Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Dunk(s): T-Dub

Sometime around a year ago (to my knowledge), a Youtube phenomenon by the name of "T-Dub" broke onto the scene as a 5'9" hooper with super hops. And when I say super, I mean SUPER. Apparently he was just in another dunk contest and showed off his ability to jump higher than any man I have ever seen. He's like Nate Rob mixed with Nique mixed with a little J.R. Rider in his prime.

The last two dunks (1:40-1:55) are bananas.

I'm not so sure about his mission to get to the league though.

BC with the assist.

Nike Vandal Low - Spider Web

Not a bad idea a la the AF-1 Bird's Nest series but these just came out corny. Apparently Nike is dropping some shoes for halloween. And I'm a fan of neon green and black but not a fan of cornyness.

KK assisting via kicksonfire

Ozzie Guillen goes nuts

Alright I admit it, this is not really Ozzie Guillen. But this is a funny ass spoof on Ozzie Guillen done on Mad TV by comedian Johnny Sanchez.

The last line is classic.

More Griffs

Apparently Nike will be releasing more than one colorway in 2009. As an avid fan of Junior, this is great news.

These will retail for $140.

KK with the drop via kicksonfire.

Crooked Straight NFL Top Ten

1. Steelers
2. Cowboys
3. Chargers
4. Giants
5. Titans
6. Eagles
7. Redskins
8. Bills
9. Panthers
10. Ravens

ESPN did a little better this week but I hate how they are jumping on the bandwagon when teams like the Giants, Bills, and Titans play nothing but lames and go undefeated. Meanwhile, squads like the Cowboys, Eagles, Ravens, Steelers, etc. are beating up on each other when obviously someone has to lose.

Let's be honest, does anyone really think that the Titans or Bills could possibly beat the Cowboys or anyone else in the top ten? The Titans could possible beat the Ravens, depending on who's defense is able to get a touchdown and make the outcome of the game 10-3.

The reason I have Pittsburgh at #1 is because they are playing like shit and still hold a 3-1 record against some good teams. If they're playing this bad, I'm thinking that when they get Parker back and get some momentum, they'll be tough to deal with. I still have the top three (SD, Dallas, and Pitt) pretty even.

I'm a non-believer in the Bills and Titans, but maybe they'll prove me wrong.

Honorable mention goes to the Bucs and Packers.

Nike Animal Pack

This animal pack just dropped, I'm feelin the brown dunks and the black lows.

KK with the dish via hypebeast

Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily Dunk - And Video - Of The Day: Master P

Love No Limit or hate it (and I was pretty much in the latter camp), you can't front that this was a party-igniter 10 years ago.

And watching diehard gangsta rappers viciously dunking on a 7 1/2-foot rim to show off their skills is comedy of the highest order.

The power of Will Smith (Seven Pounds trailer)

I have no idea what that movie is about. This is just making a trailer that no one understands with Will Smith in it just to see how many people are willing to see a Will Smith movie with no knowledge of what it's about. That being said, I can't wait to see this.

Dirty Jeenius Fitted

Dirty Jeenius Website

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Download: 50 Cent "50 for President"

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Devin approaching GOAT status

Don't sleep on the Dude.

High Yall Doin - Episode 5 (@ The Coughee Pot) - Devin The Dude

KK with another dime.

The Griffs are coming

These are supposed to drop in the summer of 09. Can't wait!

KK with the assist via kicksonfire.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daily Dunk: Carlos Boozer

Gilbert Arenas recently announced that he'll have a third knee surgery that will keep him on the DL until December. He definitely won't miss plays like this.

And one.

ESPN Reporter shows he has no balls at all

I was checking out ESPN.com when I saw the headline on how a blindside hit feels in football. Reporter Patrick Hruby even went so far as to suit up in pads and take a few hits himself on camera.

So I thought to myself 'this could be cool.'

I click the video and it appears that Hruby is suited up with a Washington Redskin DB by the name of Ivy Tillman. I'm thinking 'must be some undrafted free agent.' I also noticed that Hruby is a huge guy, he looks like he's about 6'4" and cut up.

Then he introduces the player, who is a professional woman's player in some unknown professional woman's league. She even refers to a hit she delivered in the super bowl. Huh?

Are you serious? Dog, you're 6'4" and she's like 5'7" and a FEMALE and you're trying to find out how a blind side hit feels? Get real, jackass.

Then the footage continues and she gives him the softest tackles I've seen since watching the last hug in "You've Got Mail." Not to mention, dude straps on like eight rolls of toilet paper on top of his football padding just in case she hits him too hard. Right.

Just watch as this lame-o embarasses himself, his family, and his company.

The Real Power Rankings

Let's be honest, the Giants aren't really that good. They barely came through with a win over the sorry ass Bengals IN NEW YORK. The Cowboys are legit and have already played two of the best teams and ran through both of em (okay they didn't run through the Eagles but they gave them the business) but we'll see what happens in Philly.

The Chargers should realistically be 3-0, or at least 2-1 if they don't get the referee shaft against the Broncos. With LT back in rhythm, they look like a mini version of the Boys with a better RB and no T.O. Put any team up against the Chargers at a neutral site and who would you bet on? The Cowboys and MAYBE the Eagles, every other team you're taking the Bolts.

McNabb is probably the most underrated QB in the league. People throw Palmer and Big Ben in the 'best QB's' convo before they do Donovan. It's a travesty but he's got a chip on his shoulder this year and they barely lost to Dallas. Once again, their receivers are a bunch of no-names that are looking like all-pros with McNabb (although DeSean Jackson is looking like a star).

The Broncos could easily be 1-2 but I think they're getting better every week. They have B. Marsh back and Cutler is feelin' himself.

I'm not sold on the Giants like I said before but they're the defending champs and they're 3-0 so we'll stick them in the five spot. How they almost lost to the Bengals is beyond me. They have too many weak spots in their squad and does anyone really believe in Eli? I didn't think so.

Indy is looking sorry but they're going to make the playoffs and when they do no one is going to want to play them. They have a shitload of injuries that I don't like and it really makes them interchangeable with the Steelers, depending on who can get past their injuries.

I like Pitt a lot, actually I would have them at #2 or #3 if it wasn't for the injuries but Parker is down and Ben is getting tossed around by defensive lines so I don't have them lasting throughout the season despite their impressive showings in the first two weeks.

The Titans look good but let's get serious: they have Kerry Collins running the show. If they were 2-1 I would have them at #15. We'll see how long this fantasy lasts.

I liked the Bills before last week, when they should have lost to the Raiders. THE RAIDERS almost beat the Bills IN BUFFALO.

Crooks and Castles Spring 09 Preview

These cats at Crooks & Castles keep it poppin. Here they're showing off their new stuff for next Spring at the Agenda convention in San Diego. I'm especially fond of the fitteds.

KK with the dish via Hypebeast

Download: Devin the Dude ft. Smoke Dza "Highway"

You should already know that Devin is one of my favorites, so when one of his tracks hits the nets, it's definitely gracing Crooked Straight. Don't forget to cop the album when it drops.

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Manny MVP Watch

Yesterday Manny Ramirez continued his push for NL MVP, going 2-4 with a two-run homerun, two runs scored and a walk, raising his average to .398 in another Dodgers victory, brining their magic number to one.

The Dodgers were 54-54 and two games out of first place on July 31 when Manny joined the team. They're now eight games over .500 (83-75) and have clinched a first-place tie for the national league west.

"It feels great," Ramirez said. "We still have to come and get the win and we are going against one of the best pitchers in the league. We just have to come back and battle and play hard."

Ramirez said he wasn't thinking about the postseason when the Boston Red Sox traded him to the Dodgers on July 31.

"I was trying to fit in, play the game and show people that I could play and play hard," he said. "That was my attitude." (Associated Press)

Air Jordan 1 Laser

Release date and price is unknown.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

17-year-old Biggie

Here's a clip of Biggie rappin on the street at the age of 17. I've never seen this footage and his mic presence as an amateur is mind blowing and this is why half of the world considers him the best ever.

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New Crooks and Castles T-Shirts (Fall)

More shirts from one of my favorite brands.

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Air Force 1 Black Berry GS (Glow in the dark)

If the chicks don't notice you in the club, Nike sent help.

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Download: Heltah Skeltah "D.I.R.T." (Album) + video

01. Intro (feat. DonRocko, BummyFlyJab, Alkatraz) 02:37
(prod. by D Dot)
02. Everything Is Heltah Skeltah (prod. by Ill Mind) 03:03
03. The Art Of Disrespekinazation (prod. by Khrysis) 03:54
04. Da Beginning Of Da End (prod. by 10) 03:27
05. Twinz (prod. by Sould Theory) 03:16
06. D.I.R.T. (Another Boot Camp Clik Yeah Song) 03:52
(prod. by Khrysis)
07. So Damn Tuff (feat. Buckshot & Ruste Juxx 04:07
(prod. by Ill Mind)
08. Insane (prod. by Marco Polo) 04:24
09. W.M.D. (feat. Smif N Wessun) (prod. by M-Phazes) 03:15
10. That’s Incredible (prod. by Double Up) 04:12
11. Ape Food (feat. The Representativz) (prod. by Stu Bangas) 03:23
12. Hellz Kitchen (prod. by Evidence) 04:09
13. Smack Muzik (feat. Flood) (prod. By Sic Beats) 03:09
14. Ruck N Roll (prod. by Stu Bangas) 03:54

Rapishare Download

I haven't given the album a listen yet.

Here's the video that dropped today for their song "Ruck and Roll." I'm diggin the song but not sold on the video, although I dig the concept.

Manny slumping, Red Sox celebrate

Since going 3-4 with two homeruns and five RBI on Saturday, Manny ramirez is in a 1-6 slump and his average has dipped under .400 to .395.

The Red Sox, who traded Manny away and haven't seen him slump this badly since, celebrated the occasion with Curt Schilling's favorite cocktail.

"I feel like a kid, jumping around spraying champagne with all these guys," said Jason Bay, the player who was traded to the Red Sox for Manny (source). I don't think Bay noticed that Mike Lowell, who is making $6.5 million more than Bay, was the only player given champagne. But I don't blame Bay, as I've regularly mistaken Bud Light for champagne as well.

I'm not sure what's going on in Dodger Town but this is why they hired Torre and paid him the big bucks, so hopefully he'll get Manny's head out of his ass because .395 doesn't cut it when you're in a pennant race. The Dodgers magic number is now at three after they edged out a 10-1 victory over the Padres last night.

Ciara claims Vibe stole her panties

Apparently on the new cover of Vibe Magazine, Ciara is in what appears to be a nude pose. She claims that she had underwear on but that Vibe airbrushed her draws out. Although that's not very disappointing to most of her male fans, she's not too excited about it.

However, because she's wearing black lipstick, no one really cares what she says.

Reebok Court Victory Pump "Purple Haze"

It would be ill to hit the tennis court in a pair of these bad boys.

Available now for $125.

Via Sneakerobsession

Download: Stat Quo "Let the Beat Build Freestyle"

Here's a new joint from Stat, hopefully he's coming with more heat on the regular. Feels like Aftermath is nothing but G-Unit now. I used to be a huge fan of Stat when he first broke onto the national scene with Shady Records. Then one day I'm playing basketball at the Hollywood L.A. Fitness and notice this cat has a tat on his arm that says "Statlanta" and once I heard his voice realized it was Stat. Anyways he turns out to be a real cool cat and a pretty good hooper and said his album was dropping soon, but that was like damn near two years ago and we're still waiting. So hopefully it's coming soon.

A quick sidenote that's kind of funny: After the first week of our L.A. Fitness league, Stat was leading the league in points, so he took a picture on his phone of the stat sheet so he could send it to his mom and let her know that he was ballin.

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Daily Dunk: Andre Iguodala

I watched Iggy play high school ball in Springfield, Ill., one summer while I interned there and knew then he was gonna be a sick athlete in the NBA.

After all, how many other people can grab a one-handed oop like this from Alley I and throw it down?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tail Report: Kim Kardashian

Well we had to bring her back as she debuted last night on Dancing with the Stars. See for yourself.

Here's the clip of her "Dancing with the Stars" debut last night. Looks like her partner had fun in their practice sessions. She ended up in 6th place so far.

Bonus: Kim's performance as a Pussycat doll in Vegas earlier this month.

Watch EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kim Kardashian dances for the Pussycat Dolls on RawVegas.tv

Download: Crooked I - Block Obama Mixtape

Apparently the "Swagger like Crook" song was all Crooked I needed to complete his mixtape "Block Obama" because he just leaked it to the internets.


2. Rappers Ain't Shit
3. A Millie Freestyle prod. by Komplex
4. Trafficin' Green
5. I'm Cold ft. G Malone and Hard Head
6. Hood Politics
7. Straightin' it Out ft. Sauce da Boss
8. Hard on da Blvd
9. Stronger Freestyle
10. Circle Gnag ft. Horse Shoe Gang prod. by Jim Gettum
11. Freak [NC-17] Prod. by KG
12. W's Down prod. by Komplex
13. New West Baby ft. Coniyac
14. Signs ft. One-2 prod. by Komplex
15. Lift em Up ft. Nino Bless
16. Horse Shoe Gang Freestyle
17. Swagga Like Crook prod. by Komplex
18. What's Hip-Hop?
19. Fast Money
20. Welcome to My City
21. [Bounus track] I'm a Problem ft. S.C.

Sendspace Download

Daily Dunk: Darius Miles

Yes, D-Miles was something of a disappointment in the league.

But there was something about him that made him a ridiculously hot prospect out of high school, and this side-to-side jam puts it on display.

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat

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Download: Crooked I "Swagger Like Crook" (over original Komplex beat)

This is from the upcoming "Block Obama" mixtape and is done over an original Komplex beat.

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