Monday, March 31, 2008

Tony G. goes nutso after busto

"You want a Sunday on a Tuesday?"

*Disclaimer: The language in this video may prove to be offensive towards race, gender, and/or sexual orientation. If you are too sensitive for that type of shit, please don't watch it.

This video had me in tears. If you are familiar with the over-used hip-hop term "no homo," you will probably laugh (hard) at this.

Most Outstanding PLAYER

This further proves that Stephen Curry is truly the most outstanding player.

He averaged 32 points and two bad snow bunnies on each arm and was named Most Outstanding Player of the Midwest Regional.

Tail Report: Allison Bradley

Download: Alchemist "Lab Tested Street Approved Vol.4"

Download Link

Ridin' Dirty

SMH @ J.R. Rider. This reminds me of Lawrence Phillips. Why is this cat driving a stolen whip?

“Police say the 37-year-old ex-Laker was seen failing to stop at a limit line around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. When officers pulled over the car, they found it had been reported stolen from South Los Angeles. Rider was booked for investigation of driving a car without the owner’s consent. He’s jailed on $25,000 bail.

Rider played at UNLV before starting his pro career in 1993. He played with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets before ending his career in 2001. But Rider had a string of arrests both during and after his career for drug use, assault and other crimes. Last year, he pleaded guilty in Marin County to several charges, including felony cocaine possession, battery and evading a police officer.”

Nike The Sharkley Releases

The Nike's The Sharkley has begun to hit retail at large chain retailers. A combination of the Nike Air Shake N'Destrukt and the Nike CB34

Nike SB Dunk Low Inspired by Michaelangelo from TMNT

For the simple fact that I just watched "TMNT" last night for the first time, I had to put this up. Shout out to "Night Watcher."

In addition to the "Donatello" inspired Nike Dunk Mid, Nike SB is set to release a Dunk Low inspired by his Shredder fighting brother, Michaelangelo. Taking color cues from the Michaelangelo character, the "Michaelangelo" Nike SB Dunk Low features a Green Suede/Off White upper with an Orange Swoosh, laces, and ankle collar. The upper sits on a Bright Green (ooze like)/Orange Splatter midsole and a translucent Orange outsole.

The "Michaelangelo" Nike SB Dunk Low is set to release later this year.

Daily Dunk: Allen Iverson

I didn't even remember Camby playing for the Raptors...

Party Like A (College) Star

Matt Leinart did it big this weekend. Looks like at his house, with underage ASU chicks. You can get the details at

Matt's only 25, but Nick Lachey was there at the young (divorced) age of 34. I opted to leave his pics out.

Friday, March 28, 2008

50 Cent: Blood in the Sand video game

This is the plot:

50 and G-Unit are putting on a sold-out performance somewhere in a fictional Middle Eastern setting. This is where the 'blood on the sand' comes in. They put on the performance; the people are pleased, but the concert promoter stiffs them and doesn't give 50 and G-Unit their payment.

So, of course, 50 isn't going to leave until he gets paid, so he hassles the concert promoter, [saying] if he doesn't come up with the money now, there will be consequences. And instead, the promoter offers him a very valuable gift - something that's valuable to this particular country - a diamond encrusted skull.

So 50 gets the skull, and as he's about to leave this war-torn country, when they're ambushed and the skull is taken. They escape the ambush, but they're without the skull. So 50's motivated to get what belongs to him. So basically, throughout the game, he's trying to track these people down and find out who they are and why he was ambushed.

I'm not sure what to say at this point.

Daily Dunk: Vince Carter

Sorry Alonzo I had to do it.

Greg Oden is a nut

This is from a contributor to the Portland Trailblazers fan forum:

"I just got home from the 24 hour fitness in Tualatin where I played in a pickup game with Greg Oden. He played two games, and obviously he dominated.

The good news, Greg looks great. He had at least 8-10 dunks. A couple of them were coast to coast, one was a putback, and the rest were all low post two handers. He also blocked a number of shots. Basically he looks like the Greg of old."

This is quite hilarious. Not only the fact that Oden was playing at a 24-hour fitness when his team hasn't even cleared him to play, but the fact that this writer was impressed that Oden was playing well against a bunch of regular 24-hour hoopers, who probably consisted of a bunch of 5'9" slow white guys who just got off their day jobs. Keep in mind that this was in Tualatin, Oregon, not even Portland!

I got mad love for G.O. Here's a link to the forum thread where he was put on blast.

BBC/Ice Cream Summer Releases

Tail Report: Nicole Ricca

Kobe Bryant: The Man, The Myth, The Muse.

Kobe Bryant is easily the most polarising sports-figure of the 21st century. Most people who care about basketball have a love-hate relationship with him. They love his talent and hate pretty much everything else. But can you imagine how boring professional basketball would be without him? Tim Duncan might be the most successful basketball player of his generation, but Kobe is the face of the generation. In honour of that...

Ever wonder where Kobe gets his inspiration?

I know what you're wondering. "What would Bohemian Rhapsody have sounded like if it was written about Kobe and the Lakers?" Well wonder no more.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Hundreds Spring Elements Fitted(s)

S. Curry isn't the only good thing about Davidson...

Apparently they have free laundry too.

Oh yeah, plus they're paying for any student's trip to the sweet 16 in Detroit. Somehow, some way, they have a board that has set up a fund to pay for any student who wants to to make the trip and stay for two nights, including transportation on a bus and tickets to the game.

"The school's board of trustees set up a fund Wednesday to pay for any student wishing to travel to Detroit to see Davidson play Wisconsin in the Midwest Regional semifinals. Students will get free bus transportation, two nights lodging and a ticket to Friday's game."

When I first saw this I figured the school must be in Michigan, but it's in North Carolina. Is it me or does the state of North Carolina have a minimum of three teams in the Sweet 16 every year?

Here's a link to the story on SI.

Sugar Cooking Temper Tantrum

This is funny. Looks like a cut scene from the celeb reality show where the c-list celebs are all trying to lose weight. This is "Tocarra" (or something like that), who is some sort of plus-size model (I believe). All the facts that I just listed are probably wrong, but this clip is still funny as she goes crazy on the panel of judges because of the way they are...judging her.

The L.A. Times gets punk'd by an inmate

Last week (or the week before), the L.A. Times ran an incredibly serious story that hinted at certain people being guilty of setting up Tupac Shakur to be mugged and shot.

Well, the L.A. Times caused an incredible stir in the hip-hop community based on false documents that were created by a New Jersey inmate.

How dumb can you be?

The funniest part about this is that the "FBI documents" appeared to be created on a type writer. The FBI stopped using type writers about 30 years ago. Brilliant!

I used to work for the Times and I have a lot of love for the staff there, but this is just crazy.

Here's a link to the smoking gun article that apparently outed the Times.

And here is the apology from the Times.

March Madness Evaluation: Bruce Pearl is a P-I-M-P

Not that everyone doesn't already love Bruce Pearl for taking his shirt off and painting his chest at a Lady Vol's game, but this gives us more reason to cheer for him. Spring break? Partying with Romo and Jessica? Who knows where these pics came from, but kudos to Pearl.

This is why no one wants to play for the Bucks

Peep Andrew Bogut's high fives after his celebration. I'm not even sure what to say about this.

Stolen from With Leather

The Air Raids are back!

The OG "Black/Grey" Nike Air Raid will release this summer.

Remy Ma is going away for a very long time...

The verdict just came down in the Remy Ma trial, and the rapper has been convicted on four major charges — two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, and criminal possession of a weapon.

The charges stem from a 2007 incident in which Remy shot a friend of hers after a fight over $3,000 in cash stolen from Remy’s purse. The defense tried to make the shooting an accident — but it looks like they didn’t quite convince the jury. Remy was not found guilty of gang assault and witness tampering, among the nine total charges she faced. We’re told the victim’s friends and family taunted Remy when the verdicts were read — full pandemonium in the courtroom. Remy could face up from five to 25 years in prison at sentencing.

Daily Dunk: Demar Derozan

You can see why USC would throw Lil Romeo a scholarship to get this cat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hilarious Fan Comment

Last week Gil Arenas thought he was going to play for 20 minutes in his first Wiz game in forever. So he did not wear the NBA regulated "suit coat" to the game, instead he wore a sweater with a collar. The NBA (Stern) threatened to fine him if this happened again. This was noted in the Wizards blog.

This comment on the blog had me dying for some reason (pic would make it a classic):

"I heard the league is looking into fining Wizards equipment manager Rob Suller if he continues to sit behind the bench with hot wings stains on his shirt."

Download: AZ "Undeniable"

1. The Game Don't Stop
2. Superstar
3. Life On The Line
4. Fire
5. What Would You Do (feat. Jay Rush)
6. Dead End
7. Parking Lot Pimpin'
8. Undeniable
9. Go Getta (feat. Ray J)
10. Now I Know
11. A. Game
12. The Hardest (feat. Styles P)

Download (a)

Download (b)

Bonus Tracks:
13. Who Am I Exclusive (feat. Cormega & Nature)
14. No Holding Back (feat. Cormega)

Tail Report: Angela Lola Luv's New Movie


New Crooks and Castles Fitteds

Away Black Opening Day Air Jordan Retro 1

Available March 29

Daily Dunk: Lamar Odom

This is a tribue to his back-to-back 20 rebound games.

First, he breaks Diaw's ankles, then he shats on Amare.

Sports Illustrated's Coverage of Poker

Sports Illustrated recently made it's entire archive available online and here are their stories that have covered poker. Thanks to Kevmath at 2+2.


Lowball in a Time Capsule, regarding the lowball rooms in Gardena, CA.


A SAWYER TAKES THE POT ANYTIME, regarding home games being robbed, later in 1971.

HOUSE OF CARDS WORTH $220,000, on the 1976 World Series of Poker.

An amateur is burned at high stakes, an amateur takes on the pros in the 1977 WSOP.

CARE TO JOIN OUR LITTLE OLD GAME? on the original version of High Stakes Golf, the PGI.

Deep-sixed by a six in the hole, on the Amarillo Slim Classic in 1979.

YOUTH CAN AGE YOU, on Bobby Baldwin and other "young guns" of poker in 1979.

'LOOK UP AND HE'S GOT YOUR MONEY',a 1984 story on Billy Baxter.

IF YOU PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT, YOU CAN MAKE IT BIG IN TINY EMERYVILLE,a 1985 article on cardrooms in Emeryville, CA.

He Knows When to Hold 'Em,a 1994 article on Phil Hellmuth.

Five-Card Studs,a Rick Reilly column on Amarillo Slim from 2002.

THE PRIME-TIMING OF Texas Hold 'em, a 2003 on the WPT and the poker boom, mainly covering the Legends of Poker at the Bike.

Las Vegas' favorite celebrity caddie, Hellmuth caddying for Corey Pavin in 2004.

TV Poker's A Joker, 2004 Rick Reilly column on TV poker.

Online and Obsessed, the 2005 article on online poker at college campuses, with Jason Strasser, Vanessa Selbst and others.