Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Kickstart: Living No Mas

I've always hated Taco Bell. Okay, to be fair, it may not have started as hate. Maybe more as the little gnat you ignore. Growing up in SoCal, you knew they existed, in kind of the same way that you knew a snowy road existed. "It's out there, but it's not my problem."

But, when I moved to Pittsburgh and began spending about 3/4 of my calendar year here, it entered my consciousness. Around then, it became an amusing sight to dismiss. "Oh, a Taco Bell. Nice, there's a McDonald's next to it!"

As I grew older, though, I've listened to Pittsburghers around me—most of whom have never actually met a Mexican person—talk about Taco Bell as though it was what God is reaching for in "The Creation of Adam". And that's when my hatred began. Because Taco Bell is white food in brownface.

This clip does make me hungry, though—for real Mexican food. If only I still lived in a part of the country where I could actually get some. But hey, there's always McDonald's...

Now for something authentic and truly delicious, I give you Ms. Savannah Davies:

Now THAT'S mouthwatering. Let's go.

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