Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Kickstart: Back to School

Back when I was in college, the most mature insult I—and the others in whatever circle of friends or like-minded fellow 20-somethings happened to be gathered—could throw at a collection of individuals is to say it was "like a high school." Our small liberal arts college's proclivity for gossip? So high school. The way people bickered over petty bullshit in my family? What were they, freshmen in high school?

And the internet? With its rumors, unsolicited opinions, and unsubstantiated accusations? The internet acts just like a big high school.

You have to watch that about 10 times to pick up on all of the websites and references they throw into it. Well done, Cracked. Though, unless I overlooked it, I notice that they didn't put themselves into it, which feels a little catty. A little immature. A little...high school.

This week we turn to Ms. Ruby Palm for inspiration, for two reasons: (1.) she's a proud L.A. gal; (2.) she's got more curves than Highway 1:

Let's go.

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