Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Kickstart: She Gone

I don't really hate Aubrey Graham as much as a lot of folks do. But he's such an easy target, that a lot of the shade thrown his way is too good to pass up. Even if it's sometimes unintentional (thanks to Exel for finding this Vine).

Then again, after watching that a few hundred times and wiping the tears from my eyes, I'm not entirely certain that was unintentional by Jhene. The look on her face right as she does it is such an "Oh god, this nucca's gonna try and touch me" look.

Your inspiration this week is Ms. Shelby Chesnes. Shelby previously appeared as a Kickstart inspiration in March 2013, so you know it'll take some serious fire to make it in a second time...

...Yup, that'll do it. Let's go.

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