Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Kickstart: Generation Why?

As cool as the ads for the new Godzilla movie look, let's be real; if a giant monster really attacked today, things would probably go a little more like this Nacho Punch video.

You may have noticed the cute, buxom brunette in that video ("Guess it's back to OKCupid") and thought she looked a little familiar. That's because she's Milana Vayntrub, A.K.A. the adorable AT&T girl from their bazillion commercials. Personally, though, she won my heart during her short stint on Showtime's House of Lies, where she played Christy, a junior consultant driven insane by her boss. There's just something so sexy about a girl yelling "Sic semper tyrannis!" as she stabs her coked up boss in the thigh with a letter opener...

Here's where Milana makes things hard difficult. Naturally, a beautiful woman like her deserves to be put upon a pedestal as this week's "inspiration." But normally we like to use—to put it gently—slutiferously hoochified dirty-girl pictures. But Milana, you see, is much too demure of a young lady to have any such pictures floating around the internet for our use. This means the most innocent "inspiration" shot you'll probably ever see at Crooked Straight:

Oh well. I guess she's just saving it for our honeymoon. Let's go.

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