Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Move, Bitch, Get Out the Way

It would be all too easy to make fun of this guy for abandoning his girl (like the announcer does), but let's weigh the counterpoint, here.

In 2013, women are supposed to be our equals, correct? If so, then why is that rule thrown out the window whenever convenient? If the guy had been sitting there with one of his guy friends, no one would be chastising him for letting his friend get hit. Then they'd just be asking why the guy who got hit was dumb enough to sit there and let it happen. So why aren't people asking that question when it's a woman? Are you suggesting that because she's a woman, she didn't know any better than to get out of the way of a baseball flying towards her?


The bottom line: the woman was stupid for thinking that putting her hand over her face was going to protect her from the impact, and her husband/boyfriend is a pussy for running, regardless of who was sitting next to him. You're a baseball fan, playboy—knock her over and catch the damn ball like a man!

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