Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lyrical Exercise

This is brilliant.

From Gothamist:
Previously, street artist Jay Shells has taken on etiquette of all kinds, from human behavior to animal behavior to subway behavior. But now he's back with something totally different, albeit still in his signature sign form: Rap Quotes. The idea is simple, and the result is sort of amazing: he has taken rap lyrics that mention specific locations around New York City, created signs with those lyrics, and has installed them at their appropriate locations. Animal has video of the installation process of the signs, which feature lyrics from Kanye, Jay-Z, GZA, Mos Def, Nas, and more.

Speaking as someone who hasn't spent much of any time in New York, there have been many occasions when I've tried to visualize the settings of the stories my favorite lyricists were telling through my speakers. Shells' art project satisfies that craving in a beautiful way. I've included a few pictures here, and Gothamist has another four on their page. You can also go to The Rap Quotes Twitter feed for even more.

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