Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tail Report: 2012 Emmy Awards

Did you know these were held the other night? Apparently they decided to celebrate television's biggest stars and programs at the same time as one of the NFL's biggest matchups: Ravens vs Patriots. Think about this; the entertainment industry's foremost TV aficionados held their business' biggest event opposite a must-see, Sunday night NFL game. You couldn't find a worse scheduling choice. And we wonder how these idiots manage to bet against shows like Community while pumping out trodden trash like $#*! My Dad Says.

*sigh* And now a little eye candy to make it all better.

Kat Dennings

Maria Menounos
I'm convinced she doesn't have a bad day. She probably rolls out of bed looking like this.

Sofia Vergara
Looking caliente, as per usual.

...Her hottest moment, though, came off the red carpet, when her booty split open her gown like Hulk Hogan going through a t-shirt. Ever the wifey-material lass, Sofia kindly tweeted the picture that the paparazzi couldn't catch themselves:

Love. Her.

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