Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Kickstart: Faster Than You Think

*sigh* It's a good thing she's pretty.

When I saw the description of this video, I was certain this girl would be less than 10 years old. Who older than that can't answer that question? [...when they're sober, that is. Catch me late on a Saturday of day drinking and I might stumble a little too.] This somehow feels worse than the girl who couldn't figure out how far you'd go in an hour if you're traveling 60 mph. At least that chick tried to apply some logic, as hilariously flawed as said logic might have been. I feel like "60 mph girl" would ruin the curve for "80 mph girl."

Speaking of curves, this week's inspiration is Ms. Anastasiya Kvitko, whose beauty and figure render all math problems irrelevant:

привет там, красивая. Let's go.

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