Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Kickstart: Action News

Some people like to start their day with the morning news. And sure, it'll inform you about what's going on in the world. But it won't dull the pain of a Monday. You need more than the news to laugh off the stress waiting for you outside your front door.

...Or do you?

One thing's for certain: The news people in Australia have a lot more fun than their American counterparts.

This week, for inspiration we turn to the scintillating Ms. Brittney Alger:

Let's go.


Johnny Casino said...

Brittney is sexy but her implants are too big for such a small frame

The D.E.F.I. said...

To each their own, but I disagree. And I'm not even a fan of implants. But I think Brittney's got a great look.