Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Kickstart: Hit and Run

I mean, if you're going to fight sneakily, instead of standing toe-to-toe...this has got to be the realest way you can do it.

Some may call this video a bad example. But those are the delusional people. Realists, such as myself, understand that conflict is part of life. And physical resolution of that conflict is going to happen often, especially for kids too young to know how to handle it through cooler heads. Sadly, these days we're just as likely to see kids—even two this young—solve those physical conflicts with weapons instead of their fists. I look at this video with the thought that, maybe, someday those inevitable physical altercations will just be handled with fists and fancy bike skills, and kids will leave the guns alone. But then again, I'm a realist...

A bit of comedy, followed by a bit of social commentary. Let's finish this week's kickstart by putting a smile back on your face. Here to do that is Ms. Phoenix Skye:

Let's go.

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