Wednesday, August 21, 2013

F.O.H.: Mama Garber

My boy Tennessee with the assist on this one.

From Gawker:
"My mom dancing down the isle (sic) doin what she wants having fun and being her," is how Kendra Garber of Pekin, Illinois, described this YouTube video, which was shot on her mother's wedding day.

Garber somehow managed to leave out the part where the song her mom's dancing to is her own cover of a Buckcherry song inspired by Paris Hilton's sex tape.

Which is just as well, since no mere words could ever do this footage justice.

Do yourself a favor and read the Gawker story, which includes a rebuttle in the YouTube comments section by this classy gal. Favorite part? When she brags about being a 43-year-old grandmother.

I was laughing my ass off at all of this until I caught a sudden vision of my future. Then I just put my head down and sobbed. #Murica

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