Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Put a 'Ring' on It

The one phrase that keeps running through my head: "This guy has a girlfriend."

From Heavy:
Remember that movie The Ring, the one with that freaky dead girl who crawled out of the television? That was scary enough in a movie, but to actually wake up to something that terrifying is pants wetting.

James Williams decided to try his hardest to give his girlfriend a heart attack by building a ghost puppet that would appear to be crawling out of the television set. James spent weeks building the puppet and waited for his girl to fall asleep on the couch. What happened next was probably one of the most evil pranks ever pulled. You might want to turn down the volume, girls who think they're about to be dragged off to Hell by a poltergeist tend to scream a lot.
While this is pretty funny (especially the 1:57 mark, after the terror, when he's consoling his traumatized mate, and reaches down for a booty squeeze...kklllaaaassssyyy), I still can't get past the fact that a guy who spends weeks building this elaborate puppet prank, almost sends her into cardiac arrest, then posts it all on the internet, has a girlfriend.


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