Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Friendly Skies

Just when you thought there was never a reason to go to Cincinnati...

From Thrillist:
Welcome to Flamingo Air: a Cincinnati-based airline that amazingly lets you join the mile-high club (yes, people do have sex in Cincinnati) and claims to be the only such, ahem, service-provider in the US.

Calling them "Flights of Fancy", the basic gist is simple -- the "very discrete" pilot takes two of you up to cruising altitude, and charges a flat rate of $425 per hour (no, they don't discount in case you don't need the other 57 minutes).

If you slip the pilot an extra $20, would he steer into turbulence? And do they use the same plane for every flight? I mean, wouldn't they need at least a few hours between each flight to thoroughly scrub and disinfect?

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