Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet Lauralee McIntyre

Just when we thought sports was dead for those summer weeks after the NBA Finals and before the NFL pre-season, the sports world stumbles upon perhaps the sexiest side piece ever to grace our television sets. The kicker? She's a college girl. Now we can waste at least two weeks googling her and wondering if those are real.

From Jersey Chaser:
Whilst the UCLA Baseball team was busy brining the 109th NCAA Championship (the most by far in case you didn’t know) back to Westwood, outfielder Eric Filia’s girlfriend Lauralee McIntyre was busy geting her Katherin Webb cracking. McIntyre became the talk of the College World Series thanks in large part to her Veronica Vaugh-esque nice rack, appearing to have 2 midgets wrasslin’ in her extra smedium shirts throughout the College World Series

Good luck getting focused on work for the rest of your day.

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