Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday: "Where I Wanna Be" -- Donell Jones

Let me start this post with a confession: I didn't select this song because of the song.

Don't get me wrong. This is a fantastic song. If you're too young to know who Donell Jones was, the best I can describe the situation is to say that he was Ne-Yo before Ne-Yo. Except he was actually a good-looking brother. ...He was a good-looking Ne-Yo. And this song is a wonderfully crafted look at the conflicted emotions of a man who deeply loves his woman, but wants to taste some other flavors, and doesn't want to break his woman's heart in the process.

Here's where my love for the video outshines anything Donell could've ever put into beautifully-toned words—actually, know what, I'll just let you watch the vid.

Okay, let's recap what you've just watched:
  1. Donell is dating a fine-as-hell (9/10), light-skinned sister.
  2. Donell wants to cheat on said fine-as-hell, light-skinned sister with other fine-as-hell women. Who wouldn't, really? (sorry ladies, it's about quantity, not quality...always)
  3. Donell walks away from his fine-as-hell girlfriend to save her the pain of him cheating. Saintly man, that Donell.
  4. Donell meets a fine-as-fiery-hell (9.5/10—note the distinction) mocha-skinned sister at the club. Fine-as-fiery-hell mocha-skinned sister is down with the get-down.
  5. ...they get down.
  6. Donell knocked the bottom out, but now misses fine-as-hell light-skinned sister, and sets out to get her back.
  7. Except now she's out at a fancy restaurant with another man. (That fine-as-hell, light-skinned harlot!)
  8. Donell summons her out of the restaurant, hits some smooth-ass runs on her, and wins her front of fine-as-hell light-skinned's new suitor, who's still sitting at the window seat.

In summary: Donell is everything.

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