Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday: "All That I Got Is You" -- Ghostface Killah ft. Mary J. Blige

Mark this down as the saddest song that will ever appear in a "Throwback Thursday" post. These are easily the most concise Ghostface lyrics ever; ironically, they're also the most heartbreaking. It's almost as though he put aside his whole style for one verse, just to make sure every last emotion behind his words was felt by as many listeners as possible. And given that one moment to speak from the heart, Ghost just absolutely dominates your state of mind for 45 seconds, then lets Mary J.* tie a slightly-more-rosy bow around it all.

*Yes, I'm aware the video credits Tekitha with the vocals. But Mary J. sang the album version, and that's clearly what they use for the video. I'm not sure of the whole back story as to why they didn't give Mary her due, but I'm damn sure going to give it to her. She did her best to match Ghost's intensity (impossible to achieve, sure; but she came closer than anyone else could have); and, as wrenching as his lyrics are while bringing you to your knees, hers are nearly as inspiring as they breathe life in your lungs and lift your head toward the sky.

Dedicated to my beautiful mother on her birthday. Love you, lady.

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