Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Kickstart: A Little Sump'n

The truth is, most of us probably don't qualify as "good." We've all got skeletons, we've all got demons. On the grand scale of things, most people are going to fall right in the middle between "naughty" and "nice." But, even though Santa's judgemental ass doesn't have love for us, feel secure in knowing that Sump'n Claus has our backs.

I say down with Santa and his elitist ways. We need someone who's a true man of the people. Sump'n Claus' time has come.

To motivate you this week, we give you another beautiful entity who only wants to share her gifts with the world, the spine-tingling Miss Christina Ripple:

Those eyes say naughty things that not even Santa could hate on. Let's go.

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