Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Kickstart: Frosty Reception

This being Boston, I've got to believe there were five or six times where a drunk tried to kick his ass. Too bad they didn't make the final edit.

We're probably nearing the end of the inanimate-objects-coming-to-life prank meme. I just can't imagine there are many people left who can still be fooled. Several times in that video there's people standing off to the side, waiting for the prank to happen to someone else. And a few other people who tried turning the tables, and being the scarer instead of the scaree. And then there's the chick in the blue, who took it to a whole other level by hitting on the snowman. This world just gets stranger by the day.

This week inspiration comes in the form of Miss Lily Rae:

...and what a form it is. Let's go.

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