Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Kickstart: #DeadGirlProblems

As much as people try to fill every inch of October with Halloween propaganda these days, there's really only about a week's worth of entertainment to come from it all. So to kick off that week, and kickstart the workweek, here's some people in Philly getting the shit scared out of them. You know, because Halloween. (...I think.)

So much to love in this video. The girl who had to be restrained by her boyfriend. The cat. The multiple guys who screamed and ran like little girls. Nothing gets the ol' heart pumping like a creepy girl popping out from the shadows.

Well, I mean, almost nothing does. She may not be creepy, but this week's inspiration, Ms. Rachel Mullins, can certainly cause your blood pressure to spike, even on a brightly-lit beach:

Let's go.

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