Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Kickstart: Can't Even

Being that it's Monday morning, I'm guessing most of us can sympathize with this cat named Simon, who is coming up short on fucks to give.

From Tastefully Offensive:
Morgan James took his cats, Simon and Wash, to his local park for some outside adventure, but Simon wasn't having any of it.

Ironic that it's the active cat that's named "Wash." And why, exactly, is this guy trying to walk cats? I love cats, I grew up with cats in my household, and I never once thought trying to take them for a walk would be anything short of insane. Looks like Simon agrees with me.

But, like with Simon and his owner, this workweek is going to insist upon dragging us with it, no matter how much we resist. Maybe Ms. Daniella Dior can help put us in a more businesslike state of mind:

Let's go.

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