Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Kickstart: Return to Sender

When you're mad because your team is getting their asses kicked, perhaps you should focus that rage on your team's performance, instead of on the visiting team for winning. Also, you shouldn't let that aforementioned rage get so out of hand that you rip a home-run ball out of some innocent female fan's hand.

From USA Today:
Sure, the Red Sox were getting no-hit and blown out by the Detroit Tigers in the sixth inning of Game 2 of the ALCS when this Boston fan took it upon himself to grab Alex Avila’s home run ball from another fan and throw it back on the field. But with the way the Sox have been hitting, it doesn’t seem very likely that woman’s going to get an opportunity to catch a ball hit by the home team.
You stay classy, Boston.

This week's motivation comes from the captivating Scarlet Bouvier:

I never get tired of her. Let's go.

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