Monday, December 10, 2012

Xmas List 2012: MollaSpace Playing Cards

Here's something for your balla-ass card table. The faces of these cards are transparent, allowing you to see straight through them; but the backs are still opaque, keeping your hand hidden.
This new and unique deck of cards is transparent, allowing one to see through the poker face images, but also magically hides the back graphics so no one can cheat!!
$10 is expensive when it comes to a deck of cards, so don't half ass it; don't go dealing out these bad boys on the broken down old folding card table that your grandparents gave to you when they were clearing junk from the 1950s out their garage. These cards are for those sipping-cognac-from-big-ass-snifters-and-smoking-Cubans nights.

Or the playing-strip-poker-with-some-smoking-Cubans nights...

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