Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm on the plane, hate me now

Yeah, my favorite team is now the Miami Heat.

No, they were not my favorite team last year. In fact, they never were. Until now.

David "bitch ass" Stern actually took my favorite team, the Sonics, and moved them to some small southwest town in the corner of nowhere. After that I contemplated making the Blazers my favorite team because they have B. Roy on the squad and he's the new hometown hero in Seattle. But I couldn't do it. I thought about rooting for the Lakers as my #1 but I couldn't do it. Something about Gasol just gets to me (even though Artest is in my top five athletes ever alongside Van Exel, Neion Deion and Rickey Hendo).

But let's be honest: nothing beats watching D-Wade and Lebron yacking all over the NBA's worst big men night in and night out. So now, the new Miami Heat are my team. I just need to make this announcement formal. Fuck the Celtics, fuck the Cavs, fuck everyone except the Heat. Let's do this.

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The D.E.F.I. said...

I can see right now there's gonna be a few misunderstandings up in here this season. lol.