Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Kickstart: How Low?

If there's one thing the internet has taught us, it's that there are people being dicks in every country, not just our own.

From Tastefully Offensive:
Erik Solbakken and Hasse Hope from the Norwegian comedy show Karl Johan convinced strangers passing by to limbo under a stick while blindfolded. Then when the limboing began the pranksters dashed off, leaving the limboers alone to foolishly walk around like drunk zombies.

And this is why you never let someone blindfold you in public. Notice, though, that all of those bystanders didn't help out either. They just let the prank victims go on believing they were limboing. Not a single "Hey, you're being punked." Dickishness is human nature.

I think on a Monday morning, you need to laugh at someone else's embarrassment. I also think you need to gaze at the beautiful Ms. Rae on a Monday morning—or any other day of the week:

A photo posted by Rae (@fortheraevers) on

Let's go.

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