Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Kickstart: Let Your Heart Sing

I'm going to blame this day-late start on yesterday (Apr. 14th) being TJ's birthday. So there. Blame the Jewish guy.

But credit to him for sending me this clip...which most of you have probably seen by now, since he sent it to me last week. Blah.

Now that's cultural appropriation I can support. I know TJ's birthday was just yesterday, but mine was a couple of weeks ago; so when Anne started singing "It's your birthday," I wholeheartedly believe she was singing directly to me. (Let's not focus on how much alcohol I drank before hearing and believing that...)

Let's talk inspiration. Something—or someone—that motivates you to set goals, and attack the workweek in hopes you'll find that one thing or person on the other end of Friday. In other words, meet Ms. Jade Adele:

Is that inspiring enough for you? Let's go.

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