Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: "No Pigeons" -- Sporty Thievz

Sporty Thievz were relevant in the music world for all of five seconds, but they're historical to the field of sociology.

In 1999, women were on a false power trip. TLC had released "No Scrubs," which shot up the charts fueled only by its schlocky premise. This , on it's own, would likely have been harmless. But then Destiny's Child released "Bills, Bills, Bills", and the call-to-golddigging-arms was sounded. Suddenly women everywhere, drunk on a toxic mix of the misplaced empowerment from false-feminism and the economic excess of the late '90s, began forgetting that equality meant earning their own way.

That's when Sporty Thievz stepped in with their anthem, and set the record straight:

"You birds wanna takeover?
get some cash and a Jenny Jones makeover,
Broke bitches..."


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